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  1. Name: Sadriel Age: 20 Interests: Programming, Game Design, Art (digital or otherwise) Role: Data Developer, Texture Developer, Game Master Bio: I'll keep it short and sweet. I've been playing WoW since I was itty bitty- the game practically raised me, with roleplay standing in for my social life (for better or worse). My interest in programming actually stemmed from creating addons and macros to help enhance my roleplaying experience- and I was able to even further explore development when I found private servers and was able to to start making custom content for the game. I'm extremely interested in providing a large variety of armor and gameobjects to increase the diversity of the world and breathe life into unique qualities of each character and environment. I have past experience as a Game Master, and I think that my strongest qualities are empathy, patience and rationality. I'm extremely excited to have the opportunity to be a resource for anyone requiring assistance or merely in need of a friend. I offer my knowledge and a kind heart to the community of Epsilon. c:
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    Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm excited to have this opportunity to help nurture Epsilon.
  3. Not bad, but not necessarily needed (I once did this myself and distributed it, lel). You can always update your SpellList using /sl scannew and /sl scanstop
  4. Will be fixed upon the next server restart.