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  1. Y'know I've been trying to see if there's a way. It's not as simple as Kel'thuzad's unfortunately. Though I am looking into it!
  2. Hello! Recently, a friend of mine had given me the files required to import Kel'thuzad from the Shadowlands into our current generation of WoW; His name is Taldor, and you may know him. He gave me permission to upload this, and also showed me how to do some basic patchwerk. Below are some screenshots to show you how the new Kel'thuzad skin looks, as well as the patch itself. To install it, do the following: First, download the .zip file. Next, extract the files here: C:(or whatever drive you use)/ ... /Epsilon (Or whatever you have the game folder named)/_retail_/Patches It should look something like Epsilon/_retail_/Patches/kelthuzad with the files Finally, you need to activate the patch. Simply go to your epsilon launcher, and click the 'Patches' button on the right. It should allow you to then check off the patch... And boom! You're good to go! There we go. Hope this is helpful to you guys! ______________________________________________________ Oh, and additionally, I called it v1.0! I should give a bit of insight on that! I noticed a glaring issue or two with the skin to keep in mind. First, there are no frost effects like the original has (and I'd like to fix that for the future), And second, there is no dialogue animation like the original has (which I don't know if I'll get a chance to fix) But yeah, there you have it! kelthuzad.zip
  3. Hey! I don't know if this has been said before or not, but it's an unfortunate truth that some character models are severely outdated. Some harbor more interest than others, of course, but one group that I feel is lacking in this field especially are those of the undead. I know, many undead had been overhauled back in Legion(?) and other things, where we have better models for zombies, some skeletons, and abominations, as well as ghouls. Aside from that, however, other creatures, such as Liches (Both Kel'thuzad and the generic type) are seriously lacking in that regard, as well as the various skeleton mages. Outside of that, the cult of the damned necromancers, which have their own unique models separate from humans, also are lacking in any HD-ification. I am completely unsure as to how to do this, or even start, but I'd love it if this could be something to get made, and if I can learn at the same time, that's even better, I'd be happy to help work on this. Thank you for reading, and to contact me easier, go to the discord and find me at XyrrYai#9886