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  1. If players entering your phase can't see the custom sky unless you reset it, this addon might help. It lets you set a phase and sky combination with /setsky [phase id] [sky id]. From then on, it will automatically send .ph set sky default whenever a new player joins your phase. Usage: /skyfix - command list /setsky [phase id] [sky id] - adds a new phase/sky pair /removesky [phase id] - removes a phase/sky pair /removesky all - wipes all phase/sky pairs(edited) Extremely crude, but it works. If you think there's any need for extra features or fixes, please post. Feel free to dissect, modify, redistribute, etc. DOWNLOAD
  2. ChatBubble69 - Mordred Edition Casts a chat bubble whenever and wherever you type. To install, drop the ChatBubble69 folder in your Interface/AddOns. Features: A customization menu accessible with the /CBT command (for Chat Bubble Terminal); your settings are saved and loaded between logons Different chat bubbles for different channels, all customizable To tweak your individual spells, edit custom.lua in the ChatBubble69 folder bubbleSpellIDS = --Change these! { "149488", --SAY "142677", --EMOTE "90080", --YELL "81204", --GUILD "", --WHISPER "", --PARTY "", --CHANNEL "" --RAID } bubbleSpellDefault = "149488"; --If one of the spellIDs above isn't provided, this displays Doesn't spam, doesn't cause unnecessary lag, works between UI reloads and in spawn zones... ...and it's obfuscated to prevent those pesky, pesky retail players from taking our crucial features. Credits to Mordred for suggestions, obfuscation, and lending his name. DOWNLOAD Non-obfuscated version here, feel free to do whatever you want with it. If you come up with a cool new feature, I'd love to implement & post it.
  3. It increases my immersion to be able to read people's full names above their heads and it's also good to put in 2x effort to whisper them.
  4. Replaces the helm_plate_raidpaladin_r set of items. To install, put the items folder in your Epsilon folder. Please PM me proper screens, I'll put them in the OP. Releasing this now even though some items look like ass and a spectacles + hat version is missing because I won't have time to work on these things any soon. Feel free to modify, fix, etc. If you don't, I'll update this myself when I have the time. DOWNLOAD
  5. enforce ooc anonymity and ban putting any personal identification in the currently ooc section immersion is the paramount factor
  6. 20 treats = 1 snack 3 snacks = 1 meal 3 meals = Boys Daily Intake 180 Treats = Boys Daily Intake 1 Treat = 1 Goody 60 Goody's = 1 meal 3 live chickens = 1 Bread 3 rope meters = 1 halberd 1 bread and a half = 2 boots 2 sets of royal clothing = One Siege Tower 2 piglets = warhammer One Siege Tower = a horse
  7. Abridged version for the undiscerning reader: - Worgen are werewolves basically. a) they turn into big wolfmen b) they DO NOT HAVE TAILS MOM c) they are strong, big, powerful and their noses smell everything good and bad... d) they can't be zombies... but if they are then they're very powerful zombies e) a magic ritual lets them not be real werewolves and just toggle at will unless... you piss them off >:) f) if u piss them off they lose clothes because of how powerful they grow too so beware I likely missed a lot of things in this guide, but this is mostly just the basics you need to start roleplaying. Please make me aware of any errors, grammatical or lore-related as nobody's perfect. And ask any questions, as I'll try to get back to you as quickly as possible. I'll probably make an updated guide in the future, who knows.