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  1. Azar has actively said they're working on moving to 7.3 regardless of trinitycore's main commits. You can patch your epsilon client yourself but that will break any streaming from the CDN, which isn't necessarily a problem now since they put out an announcement every time there is a new patch to the cdn.
  2. I feel like it steps on the foot of the forums, and would be lose any relevancy it gains after a month. I'd say sticking with forums dedicated to the broad topics with individual threads is better. Maybe even make a mega post for certain things and pin it, rather than cobbling together a wikia.
  3. Not unless like Mindscape or someone makes an addon to take the GUID of the last spawned item. If it did that then you could spawn, it would take the guid then you could make it set the state to 0 3. Since to set the active state you need the guid.
  4. Double post by I found the objects, they're under "7wd_warden_cavelight" there are 9 different colors.
  5. there is actually a good amount of light objects, it's called warden_light or something like that. There are several different colors. The thing is you need to activate them (which currently resets on server reset like a lot of things phase related.) To get them to activate you need to do .gob setstate 0 3 and it'll work rather well, plus the lights are scaleable.
  6. gete rid of thses horrible roman numerals oh my god googly god damn
  7. If you modify your client to load custom content you can still use those patches. However we're updating to 7.3 soon enough so that will be native.
  8. Honestly I think on the fly is alright, however Patch Notes per stuff added (once it's available public with all db edits in place) would be appreciated. The only thing it harms is people with data caps, which may or may not be a good amount of people playing.
  9. but what if im a dark paladin... because i use dark magic instead of the light??
  10. If it's a personally patch, what's the problem? You're doing the work instead of him, he just ported the model. Leaves him free and you get what you want.
  11. it just always has to be a repository You can do it quite easily, find the filename for the valhalla axe, rename the axe's name to that file name, snowflake profit
  12. Dera asked for a forum post, here is a forum post. Whenever the server crashes, phase officers are no longer even members in the phase. Members remain but officers do not.
  13. Consider a hub area, like in Dark Souls or Legend of Zelda. A center piece area that functions as a market or place to rest then branches off into several other themed zones, all with their own unique environments and challenges. I propose an extension of the skybox command that will allow a radius around a certain point on the map (determined with position of character at time of executing command.) to transition into another skybox/environment id. Leaving the hub to go to a snowy area? Use a colder environment id. Going into a dark castle? Change the environment id to make the lighting moodier. I think it would be really useful for people using gimmicks in their phase like everyone tends to do once and a while.