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  1. Noticed that when you leave a phase or teleport to start, your Altered Form, which is worgen form, is always removed. You have to manually .aura 97709 afterwards to don worgen form again. EDIT: Every time one logs in, they're unaura'd of everything.
  2. Made a newer edit that bypasses the Auto Sanitize option. Check out the header up top in the guide. (Big thanks to Blackrose for figuring it all out.)
  3. Arf. Also, couldn't agree more with the post.
  4. New pic incoming. I was sitting in our new 10-ton military convoy.
  5. This is very helpful to know, and they're lovely lights. One problem I found is if you have the object activated to glow and then you delete it, the glow stays until you leave the area and return. Is there a macro one can make to quickly activate/set these lights to be on?
  6. Okay, so check this out. I found a temporary way to add light sources to your phase. It's really if you absolutely need some form of light in your dark phases and stuff. It isn't a perfect nor solid answer to the lack of light gobs, but it's still something you can try for yourself and see if you like it. Here's how you do it: Go into your phase. Type " .phase forge npc create 28077 " This will create an invisible NPC with a temporary name. Remember this name. Spawn the new NPC and /target it. ( Example: /target Tempname1234 ) Once selected, type " .phase forge npc name " This is to rename the invisible NPC you've made. Give it a name you can remember easily. My choice was "Lightsource" Once you've renamed your invisible NPC and can successfully select it, type in " .aura 234783 " This is a light buff that sheds a glow around whatever has it on. In this case, your invisible NPC will now just be a glowing area. To help protect the NPC from accidents, .aura some protection spells onto it. The ones I use that help are 64775, 98844, and 125467 There ya go, now you can add glows to your lights. This isn't a perfect and solid method, but if you want to make a few town lamps light up or something, it's a neat trick. Unfortunately, you'll have to re-light the NPCs upon server resets/crashes, but think of it as an IC thing... you're lighting the candles and lanterns. Try a /target NPCnamegoeshere macro, then another macro with the aura spells in it. That way, with two buttons you can get things glowing again. If your NPCs maintain their auras even after a server hiccup, then don't worry about all of this. ~Bastille
  7. Made another Edit explaining how to max Personality Traits since a couple people have asked.
  8. I passive-aggressively inform them in a way that preserves everyone's impression that I'm a nice guy.
  9. Bastille

    The !GPS Command

    T'is a small thing I've gotten used to, but having it reverted would be nice.
  10. A small reminder to check the edited red text at the top of the guide pertaining to version 1.2.9 and the Sanitize Incoming Profiles option. If you don't want to lose your edited progress, don't update to 1.2.9 for it will automatically 'sanitize' your profile, removing most to all the colors and icons.
  11. Bless your soul, friend. I've been looking for this for months! <3
  12. I'm literally making this thread as a place where you describe to the best of your abilities a spell you can't quite recall the name of and see if anyone remembers it. Of course there's something I'm looking for, and I hope someone out there will remember it. The spell causes you to do a twirl on one foot while raising both hands above your head, then stopping and slamming your hands forward to release a cone of purple arcane/shadow energy. For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of this spell. I had it on RPH before Legion wiped all spells. Can anyone help me out?
  13. I was at my GF's house cooking for her and her best friend. My personal kitchen is very clean, with many cutting boards and sharp knives. I'll kill anyone who puts my knives in a dishwasher.