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  1. I am once again asking for this. Not only just being a banner the spells could have a full armature/attachment points and be an overall modder's resource. Someone could rig backpacks, cloaks, etc etc all from this rig without touching the character models or even having to individualize for each race/gender.
  2. I'd like to see additional banners with unique files added to epsi w/ corresponding spells. While the native appearance of these banners wouldn't be unique they could be something for the community to replace for either their own heraldry or maybe even backpacks. (Instead of having 500 banner spells tied to warsonggulchbanner_sd.m2, or something like that - have a custom modbanner.m2/blp, with a corresponding spell for ppl to replace without taking away too much from the game.) I think around 3 of these would be enough for uniqueness as a resource without the players tripping over one another themselves.
  3. Attempting to spawn gameobject 912546 doesn't function and instead presents this message.
  4. Destruin

    Gob mass scale

    Doodad mass imports makes setting a template and building around a parody of retail easier than ever... just because it helps doesn't mean its without in need of a hand. Anyone doing trees or bushes, especially i nthe older vanilla zones with gobs scaled less or more than necessary to adapt to them. I'd like to see gob mass scale with similar format of delete and replace: you choose an id of a gob, and the radius it effects. With this. If you go back and lets say replace the old elwynn or ashenvale mountains of trees with something newer you can adapt to their default scaling with just a handful of prompts.
  5. Wretched is a state of abuse. Think of it like a drug addict facing the consequences of addiction; withered on the other hand are the state of lacking. As for them not actually using the magic they drain... idk about that one. Maybe if its a magic they'd consider 'dirty' or 'dangerous' for what ever reason. Dont want to dispel void and put it into yourself. THe main point of it might be that you're dominantly dispelling/manaburning what ever energy youre dealing with. "Mjolnir" like enchantment of throwing a weapon and calling it back is all over WoW(DH Glaives; Stormhammers; warden chakrams). Go ham with it. Their appearance in MoP and the guards inspired from them stick to melee. I do think their glaive throw in wc3 was to give them positioning behind footman/knights for game balance reasons but the solution is easy enough to work into RP. Them and their weapon? Youre a mage hunter your prey is wily and comes in many shapes and forms. Have as many contigencies as they have spell schools. I don't think anything in WoW has a passive immunity to magic. We have moved on from wc3, and a lot of things we have seen since then have moved on in kind: Infernals for another wc3 era example, even making a showcase of the era of lore and game mechanics trying to meld together in WoW Vanilla did not hold total magic immunity; the ogre breakers seem to be the only exception from the top of my head, they operate with extreme niches: single elements of magic; there is an exception to this but even he must focus himself, and recharge from an artifact(The felbreaker) Theyre an elf. You arent going to win an arm wrestle with an orc... but before he was born you were practicing the blade; while he was suckling to life you wer- you've had eons to brush on strategy and martial skill: fight with magic; agility; and tact you should be good. The spellbreaker brings blood elven mana destruction, and furthers it with even more tact. I'd suggest to imagine him, is your shield can occasionally reflect spells if not emit an addition arcane barrier. Make full use of counterspells: spellsteal; dispel; the spell of the same namesake. Prevent them from casting the spell. Failed? Throw it in their face right back or take it for your own, reactionary measures. A spell akin to feedback has survived into WoW, and you could just imagine feedback as an electrical element of this, manaburn. Dont assume that you have an instant win against all mages, merely the best odds.
  6. Destruin

    Upright Orc.

    Since the 8.3 update; orc males selecting the upright posture are reduced to a cube on confirm/login. Before that point, they are perfectly visible. I assume they're referred back to the backported native from 7.3 on confirmation. To any other orc facing the issue: confirm the option, .mod native 51, morph into a creature and demorph.
  7. Like how the human garrisons are recoloured for each kingdom. It'd help with the boyz if the same gesture was done to the two up to date styles. Wc3 Warsong/Shadowmoon: Purple Dragonmaw/BTG/Blackrock: Black Frostwolf: Light Blue Bleeding Hollow: Green If choices were to be made for the colours. I feel black would get the most stretch, having the most clans and most striking clans to its name.
  8. With the advent of other addons into Epsilontiny on mass, I'd like to suggest another that isn't strict to epsilon but adds to the rp experience. TRP3 Extended. The addon is similar to GHI and on its own that would be its own hook; it adds so much more though. A character screen; books; custom item creation with the combination of .cast/aura can do a wide variety of tasks on the server; and the ability to create entire questlines and a cast of on variable items: For instance, you could make a sealed book that only opens with the presence of another item or person(a key item or creature npc), going further they can also be set to activate on a roll of a die or being in a certain zone or subzone. The v. im suggesting exactly is v1.1 beta2 for 7.3.5 The latest 7.3.5 v. has broken tooltips.
  9. I found an interesting texture that i was surprised isnt a build tile and I was hoping to get added. Picture of non-broken from another server. https://i.imgur.com/QNQpjCL.jpg https://i.imgur.com/7XwdCXe.png
  10. I have it, its fun to play. There is Total War Warhammer 2, which is better in almost every way. But to play factions from the old game you do need 1 for them. If u want to get really into the game, it does cost some money... but if you were going to get into the tabletop it does cost even more anyway. Game also has pretty good mod support, and dont buy it from steam. Try amazon or elsewhere. For some reason steam keeps both versions of the game marked up full price.
  11. Some of these did get updated with the arathi basin hdify. I think it was only the blacksmith and lumbermill though, with some extra farmhouse alternatives.
  12. if its 7.3.5 would explain it. But just for simple trouble shooting. Were you importing in any other mode other than obj mode?
  13. Theyre a little show reel. But I may add everything save for the hots patch, because its the only reason why I havent added it yet, just been busy.
  14. Yes they do. It was my first ever photoshop edit i released, and also photoshop isn't my forte. Why it has the 'golden' tag