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  1. I have it, its fun to play. There is Total War Warhammer 2, which is better in almost every way. But to play factions from the old game you do need 1 for them. If u want to get really into the game, it does cost some money... but if you were going to get into the tabletop it does cost even more anyway. Game also has pretty good mod support, and dont buy it from steam. Try amazon or elsewhere. For some reason steam keeps both versions of the game marked up full price.
  2. Some of these did get updated with the arathi basin hdify. I think it was only the blacksmith and lumbermill though, with some extra farmhouse alternatives.
  3. if its 7.3.5 would explain it. But just for simple trouble shooting. Were you importing in any other mode other than obj mode?
  4. Theyre a little show reel. But I may add everything save for the hots patch, because its the only reason why I havent added it yet, just been busy.
  5. Yes they do. It was my first ever photoshop edit i released, and also photoshop isn't my forte. Why it has the 'golden' tag
  6. Just here with a simple tease, and a promise that my patches will be returning and then some soon to epsil. Sadly I did not make these with the intent to be compatible with anything from epsil, maybe some day i'll fix any major conflicts, if any from other local patches... but for now just enjoy yourself. Night Elf Armory Blood Elf Armory (Helf and SC recolours from patch-p, BK shield from erkor, BK glaive/undead shield from Lyndy) HotS Ports (More things to be added) Vrykul Armory Garrison Armory Alt Cutlasses (lacks nail) Undead Eyes (Female eyes some day) 'Golden' Draenei/Belf Eyes Orc Skins by Billbong, Red eyes from me (female red eyes some day) WiP Tease (Gif) Anonter one (Gif) Local Epsil Client
  7. legend says if u delete that hat model from the game you'll also delete joseph
  8. *Polymorphs zanaris into a tortoise and drowns him*
  9. man golden eyes.... would be a shame if someone else did those....
  10. I can send u there with my trap card.....
  11. One of these things arent like the other