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Found 3 results

  1. I'm not sure if requesting a specific asset counts as a suggestion, but I did not see anywhere else to put this. I would personally like to see the Cathedral of Light, located in Stormwind's cathederal district, to be an independent model that can be placed in the game. As it stands now, it is part of sw_cathedraldistrict.wmo, which encompasses the entire district. cathedral.wmo is nice, but is in scarlet colors and lacks the side room and basement that would be nice to have. If that is not possible, a simple recolor of the cathedral.wmo would also be nice.
  2. Hello! First time posting here, buuut! So this is just a small list of things I wish there was for customization! I think I can say with a bit of confidence is that a lot of people would love (me included!) Zandalari trolls to have the skins and customizations of the base Trolls, so that people can choose between having a straight back or slouching, muscular or lean. Not sure if others agree but I would love also that Orcs could have the pale skins from the Shattered Hand of Warlords of Draenor expansion. And additionally, would love if there was a way to add the "Fresh Skin" customization from SL to Forsaken! And hopefully eye colors. Aside from that, would love to have the other customizations from Shadowlands in the game for the other Allied Races and Pandaren! Oh and one final note, red panda tails for male Pandaren would be great! Much like their female counterparts.
  3. i'm completely new to the server and I was wondering if anyone did or can make a Black Worgen Fur color? nothing too complex, just some neat black fur. cuz it's an option i have never seen for the Worgen (at least since BFA) and I know there's a sorta timberwolf-like fur pattern for the worgen in shadowlands (and it's cool) but I just want a nice Black fur color! please and thank you!