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  1. Grinch

    Project Epsiway

    9/10 Love that jumpsuit along with the creepy mask. Though a bit too flashy, had to get my glasses to see properly.
  2. Welcome on Epsilon! Hope you like it here more than on the server that shall be unnamed
  3. Welcome on board mate! Hope you have lots of fun in our community.
  4. Welcome on board! Nice art as well!
  5. Granted, but you will be the most unhappiest person on the whole planet, even worse than the Grinch. I wish for proper sense in humanity. kek
  6. Grinch


    Welcome to epsilon fam!
  7. Blizz hear me...we need straight backed Worgen...would be dope! kekekek

    1. Romeo
    2. aweirddude_


      i can hear the furries yiffing already


      what have you done

  8. Looks neat actually. But I won't be using it until it's fixed. Anyways great job as ever!
  9. Romeo is a slim jim