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  1. well maadara has a life now so he can't keep dishing out objects for you, ask tia to do it or whatever
  2. Wasnt it implemented because some guy literally built an Auschwitz concentration camp roleplay?
  3. Adam

    Free man

    Why is this diablo
  4. I suggest u ban those people permanently and don`t allow them back?
  5. On Div-X we had .ph del, then it would ask you "Are you sure you want to delete everything in your phase?" and then you could type .phase delete YES to confirm.
  6. Adam

    Connection Issues?

    If youre using Epsilon-64.exe, try using Epsilon.exe If youre using Epsilon.exe, try using Epsilon-64.exe
  7. very cool But Epsilon's view distance is very low. Unusable
  8. I suppose you're the graveyard caretaker. Can you show me the server's tombstone, thank you
  9. Features? On my server? Get the hell out of here.
  10. Didn't think Billbong would have a name as cringy as MadaraUchiha.
  11. this server: so many possibilities, such a disgrace. of all things you want gameobjects recolours for wmos..