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  1. That's the one, thank you for the snappy reply I looked away for a mere five minutes haha.
  2. Well, first of all, the opinion that this tier set is one of the best is subjective, as is your opinion on the others you mentioned! But, none of that matters anyway because there's actually a logical and technical reason for me picking the Shaman set. The other sets you mentioned could indeed be replaced, but to replace something, it has to exist in that form to begin with. Mage T20 has no foot collection. DH T21 has no chest collection or robe. None of the Legion monk sets have robes either as far as I can see, and if they did they'd be missing something else, hopefully you can begin to see what I'm saying. So, when I'm looking at the Blood Elf heritage armour, it has a robe, collections for the chest, gloves, boots, a buckle, helmet, shoulders and cape. I know that sounds like everything most sets have but honestly it isn't, trying to find a robe that also uses a foot collection is difficult, and after weighing up my options the Shaman T21 set is mechanically closest to the Blood Elf heritage armour than anything else in game, it has most of the matching components, it just misses one thing; an open helmet - which is why only the singular paladin helmets have been replaced, they are both crown looking so not so bad to replace, and they also show hair, voila. Maybe I should make an FAQ section.
  3. Hello and welcome to my Mod Compendium! When I'm on my PC, I mess around with graphics and WoW mods in between my server duties and building. This Compendium will include some of my personal projects and any bits and pieces I've been making in my spare time. Most of the items will eventually become their own standalone items as we continue to upgrade the CDN, but for now they will remain as replacers unfortunately. DISCLAIMER: Epsilon still does not officially support the use of custom patches, so please do not use the #support channels in Discord for help with malfunctioning custom patches. However, if my mod specifically gives you trouble, please don't hesitate to PM me and I'll personally try to fix the problem.
  4. Updated the main post. (:
  5. What armour is this a recolour of? The Eagletalon armour is heavily inspired by Sylvanas' armour, not Alleria's, I don't really see a striking similarity between the two sets apart from one or two of the colour palettes. I can see what you're saying about making some shades to better match the Eagletalon sets, maybe I'll do that.
  6. It's not meant to look like Alleria's armour, but it is inspired by her armour, specifically her collection pieces. Sorry, probably should've added that.
  7. Hello and welcome to the Epsilon Start Zone Poll! I know that this is very late, there have been a number of issues one after the other recently that have delayed this from being posted (most of which have been beyond my control). Anyway, better now than never! After narrowing down the entries and removing the empty/unfinished phases, I asked each person to provide a title and a description for their phases, and these are the final entries! Phase 12329 - Arvick's 'Draenic Monestary' Phase 12024 - Alira's 'Aloraan Terrace' An immaculate and seemingly abandoned titanic facility that oddly seems to accomodate for mortal races. What little information that can be dug up on the place tells that the terrace serves for the headquarters of a mysterious "Project Alora" where "heroes are forged." Phase 12340 - Rage's 'Atal'jin' Atal'jin is a troll fishing village known for its easygoing populace and their reverence to the loa of travelers and storytelling, Torga. I've always found inspiration in the culture and history of the Pacific Islands, and wanted to pay homage through one of my favorite races in Warcraft. Phase 12330 - Richard & Das' 'Sugmar Peak' A cozy reprieve from the toil and hardship of the modern roleplayer. Phase 12331 - Mercy/Judzet's 'Embassy of the Allied Races' Phase 12025 - Manduin & Sarionis' 'Epsilon Island' Part of the Baradin archipelago, this island was settled after a band of Kul Tiran sailors was beached on it's rocky shores because of their ship being badly damaged by horde vessels during the second war. Inspired by Kul tiran architecture, Brennadan specifically. It's best feature is it's similarity yet clear distinction from the existing Dranosh Valley, and it's constant elusion to Epsilon's ideology of sailing taken from the Maelstrom of the logo and the title screen. Phase 12332 - Kitty's 'Ashwood' A Grizzly Hills themed human camp which was inspired by Boralus and Tiragarde Sound, Ashwood inspires to be a cosy location in the middle of the wilderness, filled with little Easter eggs towards loved members of our Epsilon Community. Phase 12333 - Mav's 'Azlorean' "The Esmeralda and its small crew have traveled yet again. This time, they've discovered a cluster of islands. The main one, Azloraen, contained a leyline that had leaked and "infected" the small islands with cracks of power. Hoping to repair the leyline, they reactivated the ruined teleporter and invited adventurers of all kinds to congregate and socialize." To ensure that this isn't just a popularity contest, the staff will use the poll as a guideline to make the final decision. First Prize: Your phase will become the new Start Zone, of course! The 'Architect' cosmetic rank on Discord! A $20 gift card to either use on Steam or Battle.net! (Please note that these competitions will not always have a monetary reward, but as an opener we feel that it's appropriate.) Runners Up: The 'Architect' cosmetic rank on Discord! Your phase will be held as a backup to fill the months between competitions, so there's still a chance that your phase will become part of the Start Zone rotation. SO GET VOTING! (And once again sorry for the MASSIVE delay.)
  8. Example Missing Item Item Name: robe_raidmage_a_01red_chest_tu Item ID: 10135574 If you come across a range of missing items, you may report the missing items as displayed below: Missing Items Item Term: cloth_raidwarlock_q OR Missing Items Item Term: LEGION RAID WARLOCK OR Missing Items Item Term: TBC PVP SETS
  9. Updated: 21/09/18 Updated missing items: • mail_d_04 • cloth_ • dress_ New Features: • Equipment Manager - press button that checks for items in inventory and adds/equips items from the mogit preview window. Bug Fixes: • No longer triggers an error when you enter collection frame. All Custom Epsilon Features are displayed as blue in this version of MogIt. • Custom Armour can be previewed as sets. You can see your set as you make it. • Filters. Search up item names to find that specific item you are after. • Categories. Custom Armour is split into categories: cloth, leather, mail, plate & other. • New buttons to context menus Right clicking items now displays options to .add or .lookup an item. • Allied Races Current allied races are now available in MogIt preview windows and tooltips. • Toggle Sheathe Buttons in MogIt context menu can toggle this, or you can try it out by using your sheathe/unsheathe hotkey. • Help text displays up-to-date information on features added to the base MogIt addon. • Ctrl + Left Click in MogIt dressing room adds items. Checks for bonusID. • Add Set button to MogIt's dress-up preview Adds everything equipped on preview model to your character's inventory. • Equip items on NPC button Equips items from preview to a custom NPC. •NPC Race/Gender buttons Changes targetted NPCs race and/or gender to what you specify. • Filtering through items is slow at first. This is due to there being thousands of custom items. To combat this, MogIt no longer filters as you type - instead, it will start filtering once you press enter. • There may be some missing items. If you come across any items that should be in, please reply to this thread adhering to the formats displayed below. Credit goes to @Graydon for the fantastic addon work!
  10. Tia

    Project Epsiway

    @ShadowLinken 8/10. I really like how you've used the tunic and then mixed and matched the legs, they almost look like they should be a part of the set. Belt definitely helps to blend them in. And I also like how you've like colour matched his hair and skin with the outfit. Also who doesn't love to abuse the shit out of that new floating animation? Haha. If I'm going to be like super critical, the only things I'd change would probably be the cape and the shoulders. I can never bring myself to use those split cape models, they always look really bad on my characters. And the shoulders are perhaps just a bit off because of the brown which doesn't match with anything else.
  11. Hello and welcome to our first Epsilon Server-Wide Competition! With the recent launch of 7.3, we want to start the trend of asking the community to take part in making their own stamp on the start zone of the server! The start zone is incredibly important, it's a first impression and introduction to the server, an area that demonstrates the kind of wondrous things you can create with the use of the commands available to everyone on Epsilon. And isn't everyone tired of looking at Dranosh Valley by now anyway? The specifications behind the competition are extremely simple; with the theme of 7.3 in mind, we'd like to see a new start zone made in one of the brand new Invasion Points. They come in a variety of different environments which maximises what you can do with each of the zones, so be creative! For this round Val will not be included and will be replaced by Elunaria, which fulfils the same kind of criteria that the rest of the Invasion Points meet. Val will be saved for something festive. There isn't an object limit, but we ask that you be mindful of players with less capable machines. The start zone of the phase must be on the ground of the map, and not on top of an object (to make sure that nobody is falling through objects). You can work solo or with a group of up to three people. You have three weeks from now, which means that the competition ends on the 27th of August. To make the competition as fair as possible, you cannot submit anything you've pre-built in these areas before today, meaning that everything in your phase must be built from scratch. To find these you can use any of the following teleport points by using .look teleport "Invasion Point:" and shift clicking them into your chat box after the .teleport command. [Invasion Point: Elunaria] [Invasion Point: Sangua] [Invasion Point: Cen'gar] [Invasion Point: Naigtal] [Invasion Point: Bonich] [Invasion Point: Aurinor] Once the phases have all been finished on the 27th of August, we will make copies of them to ensure that you can no longer modify them from this point on. From here, we will open a poll to receive feedback from the players on what they think about the phases and who should win. However; to ensure that this isn't just a popularity contest, the staff will use the poll as a guideline to make the final decision. First Prize: Your phase will become the new Start Zone, of course! The 'Architect' cosmetic rank on Discord! A $20 gift card to either use on Steam or Battle.net! (Please note that these competitions will not always have a monetary reward, but as an opener we feel that it's appropriate.) Runners Up: The 'Architect' cosmetic rank on Discord! Your phase will be held as a backup to fill the months between competitions, so there's still a chance that your phase will become part of the Start Zone rotation. TO ENTER, PLEASE REGISTER WITH YOUR DETAILS HERE So with that, get brainstorming, get your creative juices flowing and most of all, surprise us! We'll see on you the 27th of August where we'll be posting our poll. And from the Epsilon Staff, we wish you all the best of luck! This competition is NOT sponsored by The Splintered Warband, contrary to popular belief.
  12. We are just as excited as you, thank you!
  13. Don't confuse the staff and the development team. Also that's not the case at all. Plenty of retextures were just added? And David I've taken your suggestions on board, sounds good! Thanks, Tia
  14. I'll definitely work on this. Thanks!