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  1. Hello, so I thought of the idea that maybe you have a phase, and you want to let your officers to build and dm and use those kind of commands, but not have the ability to change the phase message or any other things, so what if it was possible to give the phase owners the ability to deactivate certain commands / command chains for the member rank / officer rank and in this way you could make it so that the officer rank itself only, for example, allows for the use of DMing / NPC commands while any building (.gob) commands are deactivated and unusable for their rank.
  2. Dom

    Missing Gobs #1

    As Gardener and surely Az preferred these to be here, I've compiled the gobs I know are missing from Epsi. I am making this in series / batches based on what more I discover or remind myself of being missing as time goes by. List: 7ne_druid_avianashrine01.wmo 7ne_druid_avianashrine01_before.wmo 8fx_generic_fire_basic_bonfirehuge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_blue_bonfire.m2 8fx_generic_fire_fel_bonfire.m2 8fx_generic_fire_golden_bonfire.m2 8fx_generic_fire_red_bonfire.m2 8fx_generic_fire_basic_brazierlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_basic_braziersmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_basic_torchlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_basic_torchsmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_basic_torchverysmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_blue_brazierlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_blue_braziersmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_blue_torchlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_blue_torchsmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_fel_brazierlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_fel_braziersmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_fel_torchlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_fel_torchsmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_golden_brazierlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_golden_braziersmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_golden_torchlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_golden_torchsmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_red_brazierlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_red_braziersmall.m2 8fx_generic_fire_red_torchlarge.m2 8fx_generic_fire_red_torchsmall.m2
  3. Because then it becomes client-only, and others will have to either see all that clutter or go through decreasing it individually as they enter the phase, and I am aware many won't bother with doing that, and then complain about the clutter
  4. Hello, I'd just like to briefly explain the title. As I am aware, a lot of people have in the past had issues with ground clutter, and not being able to phase shift it like the rest of the zone which they can, for examples such as; the clutter clipping through the ground of buildings, the clutter being in places where it is not wanted outside of buildings, and generally just some clutter being so tall and in such large quantities that your character is buried in it up to their heads. That about summarizes what I mean by having the ground clutter be removed server-wide, either it being removed permanently before even phase shifting a zone, or somehow make it so it only removes clutter if a zone is phase shifted, but this part wholly depends on the devs and if and how they choose to implement it most easily.
  5. I totally love this concept. The fact is some spells are generally just uncategorized in the sense they have no real name, they can be called "arcane channel" and you may have 5 spells with that very same name, and it can get confusing as to which is which and which does what, as I know one such spell may only be an arcane channeling visual on the hands, while the other actually abjures an arcane barrier. And while my way of making such spells into macros with custom names etc, it is very, very restricting. For starters, the macro's name can only have about 14 characters or so, and you cannot add a description as to what the spell does, so you have to REALLY depend on the macro's icon as best as possible along with the name, which you can't go fancy on. Macros also don't really let you add sounds alongside the spells. I am unsure if I have derived from the topic, but a spell forge where you can get a spell visual effect and assign a custom name, custom description, icon and casting time / sound effects would just be fantastic.
  6. As the title says and the screens here show, some of these particles / textures are missing and they just make the gob / npc green in those parts where it is missing
  7. Dom

    Gob Tele Remove

    So to keep it short, whenever I use .gob tele remove on one of the teleport locations linked to a gobject, it automatically removes all of the teleport locations on that gobject, despite me picking out the one specific one that I wanted to delete, as well as basically making the Gob-now-Epsilon teleporter non-functioning so I am forced to delete the gob and make the other teleport locations all over
  8. WTH, don't project your apparent dislike at everybody else. Edit: I don't get your dislike with me, completely clueless regarding that, don't recall having a meaningful convo with you ever
  9. Hm..Ash gave you the ownership of their patch Heartwing and the permission to change its name, I see? Cute
  10. Az, you told me to file this just in case, so you don't forget: I was moving a gob in a phase while spawning was disabled, but after the restart happened that made spawning be enabled again, the gob was deleted
  11. Please make it possible to make .ph forge NPCs innkeepers that let you bind the place where they are to your hearthstone (so for example letting u bypass a phase start spawn and making the phase your char's home that way 2) And also, a feature to make NPCs be actual vendors, and have them sell whatever you tell them to sell (from already existing items maybe) so that when you have a shop in a phase with an NPC as the shopkeeper, a DM doesn't have to DM the convo between the player and NPC for trading, NOR does the player just have to "RP alone" with the NPC and buy something by emoting for both characters, which isn't exactly fun. Reason for this: Immersion. Az can't argue with that, and told me to put it here on forums, so here it is.
  12. Dom

    Phases / RP "Type"

    I got something neutral, but does it have to be a functioning town, or a town at all?
  13. You forgot to add 7ne_nightelf_ruinbase04.wmo - small gazebo not at all ruined as the name implies. Also, some of the pristine objects could use repairing, because for example a pristine 7ne_nightelf_buildingmedium still has a broken pillar to the left of the door, so it still doesn't look the pristine-est. And another couple of objects would be: 7ne_nightelf_druidcat_statue03_normalcollision.m2 - Ashamane stone statue from Val'sharah - with base 7ne_nightelf_druidcat_statue01.m2 - Ashamane stone statue from Val'sharah - baseless 7ne_nightelf_statue02.m2 - Kaldorei kneeling ranger with a bow 7du_tombofsargeras_azsharastatue01.m2 - self-explanatory 7ne_nightelf_vignettechest01.m2 7ne_nightelf_vignettechest02.m2 7ne_nightelf_vignettechest03.m2 7ne_nightelf_rotundaarch01.m2 7ne_nightelf_planter01.m2 7ne_nightelf_hangingplanter01.m2 7ne_nightelf_fountain01.m2 7ne_nightelf_facadedoor01.m2
  14. I really like the rustic feel of The Ragged Stallion
  15. I already made a similar topic on making Pristine M2s and some WMOs that were not made