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  1. hey look another suggestion of this type.
  2. Could this be done perhaps? Or like shovel it into the Epsilon addon.
  3. I had hoped this thread would stay dead. I cry.
  4. May I offer an egg in these trying times?
  5. My brother in Christ, this was not the move you thought it was going to be.
  6. Was told to make a thread for this by Raz: Basically being able to search by author for blueprints. It'd be cool
  7. Welcome to Epsilon!
  8. Thank you for the insight, Azarchius! I have little to no issue with the moderators. In fact, I've had more pleasant interaction with them as of late compared to my interactions with the GM team. So I do have to give Eld praise for his more human than robotic approach to dealing with a ticket. So I've been pleasantly surprised and happy to be surprised by my interactions for the most part. I do have my own personal qualms with it being people unknown (aside from Pinstripe, Aella, and Kali - Pin who I know from a guild & the other two being phase owners who have hosted) - but that's small stuff. In the long run, they're doing an alright job for what they've been brought on to do. I just have issue with the rules and their enforcement in regards to how Discord & Start are moderated. It's in particular regarding word choice, and that's part of why this thread was made. It's the heavy hand that came with the new rules that puts pause to me. I get that you guys don't want 12 year olds, but I feel the idea of context is being missed even if you acknowledge it. The Start Zone/Dranosh shouldn't be treated like a public park because it's far too compressed and too different for that. Someone was warned/removed for cock and ball torture which is a common shitpost/meme. I get that isn't known to everyone, but it should be easy to Google or read the context and consider it. I say should, but who knows. Mind you, the moderators have been great at removing characters / acting on TRPs and I feel that should be all that needs to be moderated besides racism and other truly heinous things. Someone saying fat elven ass isn't heinous in the long term, really. It does make me happy that there are issues being heard and all. It will be nice to see that develop.
  9. I'm doubtful over some of the GM's team approach to do better, is all. The desire is there, but some of the steps taken seem to be accompanied by bitterness. The rule about not saying cock, ball, cum, etc comes from a purity approach that doesn't work on a server full of adults. It's causing a very dumb amount of warnings over something not heinous at all. They have bigger fish to fry with pedophiles & harassers. However, for some odd reason, they want to try and make start zone a pure zone but not tackle the real issues. That, at least, seems to be what is happening by appearances.
  10. I was told that I had to wait a week as well. It seems standard to make you wait a week across the board.