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  1. I'll keep it stupidly short: A command to see what phases we own or are officers/members of. Doing .ph own across every character is tedious and I'm lazy-ish.
  2. The server should not have to cater to those who think more about numbers than 'does this make sense for my character to be here?'
  3. The benefits far outweigh the cons. It makes sure that guilds and phases can make their own unique forum post. This prevents the same five groups from rotating an ad every 24 hours (or less) while also giving them more space. More space to do what? To add screenshots, to post about events, to give updates that might catch someone's eye etc. This also allows people to make LF RP ads for their characters if they want!
  4. This won't solve anything that people think it'll fix. The command did no good back on RPH or Divinity-X.
  5. HELL yeah, Kiradore returns with Contes of the Past. I remember the version I partook in on Div-x.
  6. The red text for this is drilling into my eyes in an unpleasant manner.
  7. hey look another suggestion of this type.
  8. Could this be done perhaps? Or like shovel it into the Epsilon addon.
  9. May I offer an egg in these trying times?