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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! They help a lot. I'll go ahead and fix them up when given the chance. I originally wrote this for HTML and BBCode, until I found out that the forums doesn't accept BBCode! (How cruel!) Don't know why I originally thought it did for a while. So the formatting I had to adjust manually.
  2. Me and several friends were considering and interested also formulating a campaign for Argus, perhaps we can both discuss it together, Arvick?
  3. Looking forward to participating in this phase and everything in store!
  4. Welcome to Epsilon-WoW! This is an in-depth command list for those whom are new to the server. Both .help and .commands are also in-game in a more compact form. I specifically wrote down what I feel is the most "common" commands to the user experience. There are a lot of novelty commands here, but overall to help you get started on the server. [CHEATS] (Main command: .cheat _____) .cheat god - No damage will be taken (Health will be reduced, but cannot go below 1. Redundant Command with Patch-Fix.) .cheat fly [on][off] - Allows your character to fly (Target yourself to enable/disable) .cheat cooldown - removes the global cooldown for any and all spells .cheat casttime - removes the global cast time for any and all spells .cheat waterwalk - Allows your character to walk on water (may appear buggy to others) .cheat status - Allows you to see what .cheat commands are currently activated .cheat mailbox - Allows you to open your mailbox and see what mail you've received/sent, and send mail. .cheat explore - Clears Fog of War from your map, allowing you to see all areas. (Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, etc.) .cheat power - removes the need for any pool to cast spells (mana/rage/energy/etc.) .cheat tabard - Allows you to create and set a Guild Tabard from your location. [ADDITEM] (Main command: .additem ______) .additem (Shift+Left Click an item) + Enter - Adds the Shift+Clicked item to your inventory .additem [Item] (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) - Adds the item in the quantity of the variable .additem [Item] (Variable) 451, 566, 567 - Adds the item in the quantity and version that was added. (451 = LFR, 566 = Heroic, 567 = Mythic) [LOOK UP] (Main command: .lookup _______) - Shortcut for command: .lo _____ .lookup object (Insert Object Name) - Allows searching for any object under the name you type .lookup item (Insert Item Name) - Allows searching for any object under the name you type .lookup spell (Insert Spell Name) - Allows searching for any spell under the name you type .lookup tele (Insert Teleport Name) - Allows searching for any teleport spot under the name you type .lookup creature (Insert Creature Name) - Allows searching for any creature (NPC) under the name you type. (EX: .lookup creature Kil'jaeden) .lookup map (Insert Map Part Name) - Allows searching for any map part ID .lookup faction (Insert Faction Name) - Allows searching for any faction ID .lookup skill (Insert Skill Name) - Allows searching for any skill ID .lookup itemset (Insert Item Set Name) - Allows searching for item set ID (use .additemset here) .lookup next - Retrieves your pending .lookup .lookup skybox - Searches for a skybox based on its area, map, or zone name. .lookup title - Looks up a title by $namepart. [NPC] (Main command: .npc _______) .npc spawn (Insert NPC ID) - Spawns the according NPC .npc cometome (Insert NPC GUID) - Forces the NPC to come to your location (I would imagine) .npc distance (Insert NPC ID) - Informs you of the X/Y/Z Distances that you are in accordance to the targeted NPC .npc delete - Deletes the currently targeted NPC .npc say (Insert Text) - Makes the NPC speak (EX: .npc say Hello there, welcome to Epsilon WoW!) .npc textemote (Insert Emote ID) - Forces the targeted NPC to perform an emote with the according ID (Emote ID List is at the bottom of this post.) .npc yell (Insert Text) - Makes the NPC yell (look at .npc say for EX) .npc near - Lists the closest NPCs to you and how far away they are. .npc go [#npc_guid] - Teleport your character to NPC with guid. .npc info - Shows all related information about the Selected Creature .npc emote / .npc emote #emoteid r - Make the selected creature emote with an #emoteid. May include the 'permenant' parameter to make it last through restarts. .npc scale - Sets the scale of the targetted NPC .npc aura / .npc unaura - Adds an aura to an NPC. Persists through Restarts. .possess / .unpossess - Takes direct control of the selected NPC. .npc delete - Deletes the selected NPC. [UNAURA] - Shortcut Command: .unaura .unaura (Insert Spell ID) - Removes the spell according to the Spell ID that is inserted .unaura all / .unaura all self- Removes every buff, debuff, passive, etc. [PHASE] - Shortcut Command: .ph .phase create (Insert Name of phase) - Creates your phase with the name that you gave it. This will be the NAME of the phase, not the ID. (EX: .ph create Epsilon, your phase will be named Epsilon.) .phase enter (Enter Phase ID) - Joins the according phase with the phase ID. .phase exit - Leaves the current phase you are in, bringing you back to main phase. .phase getmyphaseid - Gets your personal phase ID, displaying the name, ID, etc. .phase member add (Insert Specific Character Name) - Adds a person's character to the phase, registering as one of the 'members' of the phase. .phase member promote / demote (Insert Character Name) - Adds additional privileges to the phase, allowing you to edit other people's objects, kick, or ban. .phase population - Shows a list of every active, unique Character in the phase. .phase kick (Insert Specific Character Name) - Removes the specified person from the phase you're currently in. .phase overview - Gives you an overview of the most popular phases .phase set (Starting, Time, Message, Weather, Skybox) - Sets the according variable with whatever you input. .phase set message (Input Text) - Whatever you input here is what people will see as soon as they join the phase. (EX: .ph set message Welcome to Epsilon WoW! Message Azarchius if you have any concerns!) .phase reset skybox (Here, Zone, Map) - Allows you to reset the skybox within the three areas of your phase. .visbility low/medium/high - Sets the distance in which you load objects. This depends on your system specs and on recommendation by the phase. [PHASE FORGE] - Advanced .phase forge npc - .phase forge npc list - Provides list of ALL Custom Created NPCs in the phase. .phase forge npc create #displayid - Intitializes an NPC Template with model #displayid. .phase forge npc subname - Adds a Guild Title to the NPC. .phase forge npc outfit -- After creating a template, use these syntaxes to customize your NPC entirely. Use empty syntaxes to view information for #IDs. .phase forge npc outfit race .phase forge npc outfit gender .phase forge npc outfit skin .phase forge npc outfit face .phase forge npc outfit hair .phase forge npc outfit haircolor .phase forge npc outfit facialhair .phase forge npc outfit equip [#id] [#bonusid] / unequip - Changes the equipment of the NPC to match #id. Input a negative number for item displayid, and a positive for item entry. .phase forge npc outfit guild - Allows you to assign a Guild Tabard to the NPC Template. .phase forge npc weapons $Mainhand $Offhand $Bow - The NPC upon spawn will be equipped with the input weapons. Entering a 0 will ignore the parameter. Item entries are used. [MODIFY] .mod hp / .mod mana - Modify the selected HP/Mana of the player. If no player is selected, modify yourself! .mod money - #gold can be negative to remove money. .mod scale - Modify size of the selected player or creature. If no creature is selected, modify yourself. #rate may range from 0.1 to 10. .mod speed / .mod speed all, fly, walk, backwalk, or swim - #Speedtypes rate may be from 0.1 to 50. [GOBJECT] .gob activate - Actives the selected gameobject if it has any animations. .gob spawn - Add a gameobject from the object templates (.look obj) to the world at your current location. .gob delete - Deletes the selected object. .gob select - Selects the closest Gameobject on the character. Can be specific if selecting by filename. Ex. .gob sel pa_food_steamedsalmon_01.m2 .gob go - Teleports you to the selected object's spawn point. [Rotational commands are pretty convoluted, I recommend Object Mover by Mindscape as something Advanced.] [MISC] .combatstop - Forcibly ceases combat if engaged. .character customize - Allows you to recustomize your character's appearance at next login. .morph / .demorph - Allows your character to transform into the creature displayid. .eventannounce - Sends a message to all players in the Event Announcement channel. All messages in this channel need to be on-topic! (Used for Phase hosting) .guildannounce - Sends a message to all players in the Guild Announcement channel. All messages in this channel need to be on-topic! .announce / .toggle announce - Send a global message to all players online in the chat log. (Primarily used for banter.) .gps - Used for directional movement. (Ex. .gps f 1, .gps u 1, .gps d 1, .gps l 1, .gps r 1) .guild create "GUILDNAME" - Automatically creates a Guild with the variable name. Guild name MUST be in quotes. .help / .commands - Provides syntax of available commands. .kill / .revive - Kills Selected NPC (Can accidentally kill your character! Target yourself if dead!) .recall - Places you back to your last connected location. (Great for when rejoining a phase!) .tele #location - Teleport player to a given location (Works for many different zones.) .rename "$NAME" - Prompts a character name change. Allows normally illegal characters like spaces. (MAY DISCONNECT ON USE!) .title add / remove - Add title id to character. .learn / .unlearn - Selected character learns a spell of ID #spellid. If 'all provided then all ranks learned. [RESOURCES] NATIVES for MORPHS. (Transform into different races) (Use with .morph) [EMOTE IDs] - Use with .mod stand or .npc emote Recommended (OPTIONALS) Total RP 3 - https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/total-rp-3 Optional Object Mover GUI Tool- (Used for Rotational M2 Movements. By Mindscape.) https://forums.epsilonwow.net/topic/467-addon-convenientcommands-objectmover/ Phase Forge NPC Template Guide by Nimorrax https://forums.epsilonwow.net/topic/722-guide-phase-forging-npcs/ DavidTwo's Music, Map, and Emote ID Lists https://forums.epsilonwow.net/topic/26-david-official-music-id-list-emote-id-list-more/ I hope I covered pretty much every basis of the Command Structure that we currently offer. And credit to Stitches for making the original Command Guide.
  5. As people are aware, the current functionality of Mogit is acting up and people need a way for to create their roleplay set and produced somewhat an outcry. While we in development have been looking into this, I think this would somewhat be able to occupy it's temporary place to help some people out. Basically, what I did is extract all .BLPs from the game and converted them over to picture files (.PNGS) and placed them within a complete and utter Google Drive to use. The way it works, is Custom items are made by filename, so you look for what you'd like and search the filename, this means ignoring information like _M, _F, _U, _DHU, _Sleeve, _Glove, -LU, etcetera. As I said, this is a temporary solution, but I hope this helps people out in the long run! You can find a direct link and remember to follow the sub-folders. ObjectComponents is models, and Texturecomponents is "Armor" which is texture placement. Thank you! https://tinyurl.com/EreMogit https://tinyurl.com/EreMogitTopic If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll respond to the best of my abilities. Note: This is extracted from a "7.3" client, so those textures will be included too, unfortunately I do not have the time to go through them all and delete the missing ones or textures irrelevant. Sorry!
  6. Ah, yes. Now it's good to see how .phase overview is working for other people. Quite good.
  7. It's my own personal preference in all honesty compared to others. Even though anything added to roleplay I know can be beneficial. I'm way more at leisure with that terminology than most people probably. Even if that's straying a bit off topic of the original idea.
  8. Honestly, I think the idea of completely seperate morphs with visible character edits such as shorter ears would be a fascinating idea to work with. Think of it like different body types that'll change when you morph into the character. Though it's something a bit niche, I'd think the idea would be cool non-the-less. Similar back in Cata where there were morphs for ethereals and ogres wearing your character's armor as an option for an example of sorts. I however know very little about morphs, but it's definitely something that'd promote RP.
  9. It's answers like these that doesn't provide valuable answers when this is a suggestion subforum. For alternate meshes to be in my honest opinion, would be neat, but there are lore contingencies, and we'd also need to go over and re-rig animations with bones involved. I don't really find it all that fascinating or would take the time and effort to create a whole new mesh with animations myself, but we aren't really looking into that. Color variations maybe or tweaked edits like removing the whip, but that's about it for right now. But yeah, for me, I see lore contingencies involved and it isn't really all that roleplay involved especially in the Warcraft universe in my opinion if that makes sense.
  10. To those unsure, this can also be heavily CPU intensive if you're on high settings and directly looking at all the rendered tiles. I'd recommend at least lowering your view distance before going there. And it simply does take you to the start of your phase rather than the Tile Mall.
  11. Erebos


    A pleasant welcome to Epsilon! If you have any questions about anything, be free to ask.