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  1. okay, fine. I dig. Does the guild take only Ethereals though, or other void-affiliate races or individuals as well?
  2. Granted, but you're locked in an asylum where it's considered to be a mental disorder. I wish people saw me in a better light.
  3. Granted, but you only get to voice the wheezing of tongueless characters. I wish I were a woman.
  4. "Times pass... ages run past us with the swiftness of a fleeting thought. Generations are born, grow to power, wilt and perish into the ashes of forgetfulness. Kings and Chiefs come to power, live their reigns and slowly die, their dynasties fading into oblivion. Gods wake from their slumbers, or ascend to power, only to ultimately crumble much akin to clay idols, to crash upon the dirt and stone. Great stories are written in the blood of fallen heroes, all of them written on the flayed hides of the dead. Gathered and kept in books bound in pain and suffering, woven by now rotting hands. Foolishly wrapped in covers of blood-stained gold and glory. The truth is grim, Death comes for us all... ...but we... ...we have the power to chose when we shall join the countless fallen into the Darkness. I give you all that power." What is the Blade of Damnation? In short, it's a feudal organization of similar alignment to the Scourge of old, albeit with less linear motivations. The bulk of members of the Blade are former members of the Scourge or similar death's bringer cults and cabals. But now they no longer reign in slavery, they fight freely, they fight for a place in a world that despises them, a world that wants them all dead.. And new followers as well that grew to despise the rotten nature of the World and now seek for all their various, diverse reasons a place to be, a faction to belong. BACKGROUND Once was a King... A King sitting upon a throne of demon-carved ice, a King that surrounded himself with walls made of the blood of a God, a King that ruled over nothing short of an apocalypse, reigning in his clutches the very representation of Death itself. But this King... he fell. And the domains that he conquered and built alike, the people he slew and rose, all but crumbled alongside him. But some did survive, and clung to their broken legacy. In Death their lives were stolen from them, and the Scourge was all they had, alongside the bitterness and hatred of the world around, who was responsible for stealing their final purpose, and sought to drown them into the endless agony of their sworn afterlife. From these remnants, one figure came to light and secret, whispered infamy, with origins unknown by many. A self-proclaimed God of Death, calling himself Ianos, reigning from the shadows over a Cabal of those wishing to rebuild the Scourge's legacy, spreading his influence and gathering power with great struggle over the years after the Scourge's fall. Years in which difficulties came, great and small. All but the smallest and most subtle of operations eventually uncovered and snuffed out. A fortress hidden among the tunnels of the Nerubian-carved empire, making a cluster of Northern mountains into it's other ring of walls, gathering by it's dark hearth an army counting in hundreds if not over a thousand strong, but that as well... Eventually came to be crushed under the iron heel of those despising the Scourge. The Cabalists left behind by the fall of their Order, however, some of them still survived, and they survived to this day. Among them, a man once betrayed, killed a plenty and brought back every time, weaker and weaker every time, decided to make a change. He sought out and rallied to his side these lingering, broken and forgotten cultists and fighters, he brought them all to a buried Fortress that may serve as their home and mausoleum, and from there he began carving a new place in the world for them all. They wouldn't need to fear, they wouldn't need to be forgotten, but they would all be granted the chance to carve their names into the history of the world, and perhaps even a place to witness it's passing from now until the end of days. Times passed, this group has struggled and fought, they risked much but managed to cling to the last vestiges of their purpose and no matter the challenge, or how few the survivors, they managed to persevere so far, to see a glorious day. The day when the one Knight that gathered them all together did battle with the False God in his very own realm, and against unspeakable odds managed to defeat him for all eternity, turn the Death God... into a Dead God. Vanquishing the one who sought to usurp him and enslave them, earning them all the freedom and power of will that his legacy symbolized.. yet paying for it with his very own unlife. The ones that remember him as their hero, their martyr, those who speak the name "Marric Bloodbane" and feel a sense of pride swelling in their cold chests, now choosing to let one of his trusted friends continue his legacy... They call themselves the Blade of Damnation, and they would not lay down and die. "We will slaughter our way to survival." - Keyndra Sunsorrow. RANKS Ranks represent positions of power an authority, but not in any way as much as they represent badges of responsibility and mantles that must be donned with integrity and honor. Many of the organization's members never manage to attain any rank beyond that of Cabalist, but that does not make them any less important, respected or able to accomplish great things amidst the Blade's ranks. Advancements in rank are made in accordance of not only merit, but also necessity, as they offer far greater responsibilities than they otherwise do reward of benefit, so only the ones most definitely trusted to fulfill their new roles will ever be considered for additional promotions, as they entail not only the gaining of a person in a new role, but also inherently losing one from the counts that make up the foundations of the Blade. Without further ado, the ranks and roles available in the Blade of Damnation are as follows: (matching colors for ranks situated on equal steps of influence and responsibility) The Grand Master The Lead figure in the Blade of Damnation. The Grand Master is a rank held in the times of old by the Dead God, but now it's name has taken a new meaning. The Grand Master is the de-facto leader of the Blade of Damnation, the one in which all followers put their faith, the one that must earn and maintain all their respect and work to see to their betterment and well-being. Whatever tasks may need be done, the Grand Master may have a hand or the full responsibility of seeing it done, from planning future operations, to managing the workings of the positions below and overseeing the work of all his followers. The High Cabalist Part of the Council of Command, the High Cabalist is only one, who handles in all the educational and administrative functions that the Grand Master also possesses. In the absence of the Grand Master, the High Cabalist acts almost akin to a Lord Regent, responsible as well with overseeing all the inner workings of the Blade of Damnation. The High Cabalist must also be a well educated, insightful and wise person, for besides the need to rule they will be the ones overseeing and supervising the learning activities of all the Blade's researchers, students, acolytes, and more. Truly a great responsibility, but the High Cabalist also receives the right to have a first-hand role in advising and observing the works of the Grand Master, and will in most possible ways be their right-hand-man.. or woman. The Scourgelord Yet another title of old, with an important significance. When military matters are laid on the table, the Scourgelord takes lead in organizing and supervising them. The training and recruitment of troops, the structuring of battle plans, the organizing of expeditions and operations, and much more. The Scourgelord's figure must inspire authority and demand respect by it's mere presence, intimidating to it's foes and inspiring to it's allies. It's not uncommon for, in times of strife, the Grand Master to be preoccupied with administrative tasks, in which case the Scourgelord will have full executive reign over all of the Blade's armed forces, with all it's perks and necessary duties. The Necrolord Necrolords are perhaps the second most often encountered rank in the followers of the Cabal. Cabalists who have proven themselves capable in their respective fields of action or service will usually be referred to the position of the Necrolord, acting under the High Cabalist, yet far closer to the rest of their bretheren. Their responsibilities range primarily in the field of organizing, motivating, assisting and supervising their fellow Cabalists, and sometimes even filling in the roles of Teachers if they happen to be particularly capable and talented in a particular field of study, and able to instruct others in turn. By the older ways, one promoted to the rank of Necrolord will be rewarded with an enchanted item or otherwise rare relic to be of use to them both practically and as a symbol of status, granted unto them by the leaders of the Blade. The Wrathlord As the Necrolords work under the High Cabalist, Wrathlords are the immediate followers of the Scourgelord. Field Officers under a General, these people will be those who have proven to not only be strong and able to hold their own in battle, but also present qualities desirable of a leading figure. A tactical mind, a charismatic approach to communicating with their peers or an iron-willed sense of authority to reign in those who march into battle. When the Scourgelord gives an order, the Wrathlords are those that see to it that it is carried out. Tradition dictates that this position be rewarded with a squad of troops befitting the particular skillset of the one freshly promoted, to answer directly to them alone, as a token of gratitude from the Blade for their taken service. The Death Barons Any society has ample supply of politics, and therefore someone needs to handle and partake in it. And as the Blade's domains will spread, with new fiefs being conquered and occupied, someone will be required to rule over them, as to lessen some of the load of responsibilities held by the higher echelon. In this interest have the Death Barons been named, when needed, over the years of the Cabal, and perhaps some will crop up among the Blade as well. Their responsibility is also their reward, a title of nobility and a fief to rule over, be it a village, a ziggurat or an entire fortress, and they will be free to man them by their own efforts in addition to the support offered by the Blade itself, as they shall act as Vassals and Feudal Lords under the Grand Master and the Council of Command. The Deathspeaker Cults, Cabals.. some may deem them to be religious sects, then these would be their priests. Others may consider them insidious underground organizations, in which case these will be their spies, smugglers and secret police. Deathspeakers have simple, yet crucial tasks. They are the main and singular line of defense between the Blade of Damnation and those who would strike at it from within. Their duty is to worm out spies, challenge the loyalty of their peers, question every choice and decision of the others and ensure that their motives remain loyal to the greater cause, whilst also keeping the Grand Master and the Council of Command continuously informed of the latest gossip, news or piece of information regarding the inner workings of the Blade. The Grand Master must have eyes and ears everywhere, and the Deathspeakers fill this role. They must be people of well earned and thoroughly deserved trust and unquestionable loyalty, of a skeptical and analytic mind, and possessing keen senses for their task, despite not dabbling in perilous experiments, or battling the strongest foes, is the most challenging of them all, and unfortunately... sometimes the most important of them all. - As both a show of trust, reward for their taken service and a last, singular trial to forever ensure their loyalty and challenge their devotion, Deathspeakers will be told one individual, unique secret that no other member of the Blade of Damnation besides themselves and the one appointing them is aware of, as a first solid stone upon which to further erect a foundation of unbreakable trust between the Deathspeakers and the Blade's commanders. The Cabalist They are the bread and butter, the pillar stone, the skeleton and mast and very roots of the Cabal. Ranging from soldiers, to thieves, to builders, scholars, mystics and servitors, the Cabalists are always there. They are not plebians trudging under masters as was the case in the days of the Scourge, not just petty acolytes, but rather they are the people of the Society that the Blade of Damnation seeks to become. Their tasks are varied, each dependent on the Cabalist's individual skill set, and theirs is truly a world of possibilities, for they may chose to work towards showing the aptitude to tackle one of the mantles of officership, or dwell in as aides and assistants to follow the road to eternity with their other brothers, whatever the case... the Cabalite is the rank at which all new members begin, and the time during which the chances are the plentiest, when any service is thanked for, and when the only one most solemn duty is to better themselves, to learn and to train to help make the Blade a better place for themselves and all their bretheren. ROSTER (( Will gradually update it )) Keyndra (Kayn) - Grand Master ??? (?) - High Cabalist ??? (?) - Scourgelord - Sabantainn - Wrathlord Lylla - Necrolord Berrytorque - Necrolord Zalshiran - Cabalist Minthe - Cabalist Velkenoth - Cabalist Satharn - Cabalist Barl Cursetongue - Cabalist - The Tal'dorei Hecaté - Cabalist Velkenoth - Cabalist Venrietas - Cabalist Lanthiel - Cabalist OPPORTUNITIES Besides the Blade's main operations, many of the members of the Blade are free to run their own stories or operations in parallel. Nothing preventing anyone from doing things outside of just what's DMd or formally organized, so long as it doesn't impact the main narrative story-line of the guild in a detrimental way. - Check with the officers if you've any doubts. As these opportunities crop up, should the ones handling them decide to make them public, I will post them here, following my own: The Tal'dorei A sub-faction and a people following only Grand Master Keyndra Sunsorrow herself, all of them members of the Blade of Damnation in their own right, but with a level of roles and organizations of their own in addition to the Blade's own. This is the rallying of the broken bones of elvenkind, in the pursuit of reuniting it's scattered nobility from among the Damned, and also the elevation of those still living into a new form of existence, as not merely corpses of elves walking and rotting, but Children of Death, feasting upon blood and souls alike, and forming to themselves a legacy that will vow to stay united and live their own twisted revelry of Undeath from now until the end of days, primarily elves of thalassian descent, but also hoarding to themselves some fortunate servitors of other kins, to bring along into their long journey for survival, an endless dance of bloodied feet, ever avoiding the cold scythe of final Death. - For so did Keyndra promise them all... To do all in her power to help them survive, that they may all be standing witness when Azeroth heaves it's final breath, however many ages may there lie before that moment. RULES Rather simple, short and tidy, I believe. Long strings of rules do little other than give the impression of a stiff job application, and sometimes worse. Most important, be a reasonable person. That means avoiding stirring drama and OOC conflict, communicating with your fellow RPers and doing your best not to give a poor impression of the group OOCly through your behavior towards other people while RPing. Nothing wrong with some MODERATE banter, joking and so on, but always making sure there's still room for good relations once you've sent your messages. If any problems to arise and you feel you are involved, communicate it to myself or one of the guild's officers, to see it handled, rather than try to reign in your own justice. And lastly, albeit still significant, remember that we're here to RP and to have fun playing a game. Leave the real life and the outside stress at the door when you come in, so that we can all have a good time playing a game and writing stories together. We do have a Discord channel, same rules apply there as well. HOW TO JOIN Currently, joining is being overseen by the guild's officers OOCly, so contacting either one of us or another member to express interest is the best way to begin. In terms of joining IC, the matter is simple. Either happening to encounter a member of the guild in-game and ending up learning about and offering to join the group, or agreeing with a guild officer in following of an OOC conversation to have somehow learned of the Blade or being found yourself, to arrange an IC meeting with one of the figures of command and be brought into the fold. OOC CONTACT Feel free to contact myself (Kayn) or Silverstride (original founder and former guild leader) to discuss the details on rules, or potential recruitment, or even in the interests of arranging RP with outside groups not intending to necessarily join us. Main way to contact - other than posting on this thread and waiting to be answered, is via Discord. My own: ????#0114 Marric's: Silverstride#7143
  5. I mean sure, new commands are nothing bad, I don't know how easy they would be to implement but this is another line in a broad pool of utilities that players have been asking for. Placing weapons in different sheathe spots than the ones created so far, armor pieces fitting into all sorts of different slots, commands to turn any display ID into a virtual mount, etcetera. Those being just off the top of my head. Not against it but neither vehemently for one in particular either. It'd probably take a dev's time to answer what is possible and what is not, but checking their feasibility and testing whether they could work without, well, trouble? It'd not only take from the time they spend fixing issues already at hand, but could also prove to cause all sorts of issues lag, unintended deletions, and so forth. Not to discourage anyone, but I always say that the best thing to do is allow the devs the time to fix what is broken before they work on novelty and convenience.
  6. I believe I recall RPing with you once or twice before, nice modest and interesting chars that find good and subtle ways to stand out. Welcome to Epsilon, at any rate, s'nice having more cool peeps around.
  7. indeed if you have a set of two macros .gob sel .gob del (I say two macros because in instances of delay a single macro with both commands might not function properly, as was my case) then deleting every single object in an area is as simple as key-mashing those two buttons like crazy for like... a minute? just 121212121212121212, you don't even need to remove any shortcuts from your skill bar, but simply use the second shortcut bar (press shift-2 to see it) and keep your building macros there. Least that's what I do. It's only a hassle because some people are lazy, admittedly myself included, but it's either way safer than deleting everything and two minutes later realizing you had something important in some other part of the phase. Especially since you only get one phase per character. (god forbid, please don't let people do more than one, there's thousands of them already >.>)
  8. It's not a bug, as phase owner you're supposed to be able to effectively be a pocket GM over your phase guests and officers. You can also change their credentials as a phase officer, also. It's done so in order for you to be able to moderate griefers. So if someone pops in your phase and turns into a ragnaros scaled up to 15 making a mess out of your RP, you're able to turn them invisible and scale them down if you don't intend to immediately blacklist them.
  9. @MrRager you mean like this? -Edit: In this regard as with most weapons I'd be quoting the simple thing that Paragon did. Not to spread server propaganda or the like, much prefer Epsilon over Para due to a multitude of reasons, but.. Basically one could in theory create copies of the custom items for the various weapons that fit in the various sheathe positions. 1h-hip, 2h-back, spear/staff, shield, unarmed/fist (aka invisible while sheathed), with just adding an additional number to the GUID of the item. Like say you have a weapon right now with the GUID "234654" that would be a polearm, have "2346541" for hip, "2346542" for 2h, etc. Still, it's not that huge of a deal. My opinion at least. - Similar thing with some armors, similar to the shirt-chest-tabard thing, making pant-belt cross-over slot variants, or pant-boot for all the various outfit possibilities. Still, without a Mogit this would get rapidly overpopulating for the current option which is to look up by name and guess the variations in the names of various sets. Instead of spending one hour with ".lo i plate_<source>_<letter>" etc you'd end up spending two or more browsing through 50 entries at a time in a list that'd end up having for example 1500 items instead of only 300. Some notes of luxury become more of a hassle if they're not paired with other elements of convenience.
  10. My religion forbids me from wearing any. Shaeryn is a heathen. And darkest sin...
  11. Alright, I'll bite. Going to be a few lists but bear with me. Will also save the finer for last, but, in otherwise no particular order: Also, to those of you that are irrationally allergic to bare skin, well... I don't know, burn baby burn? - Note. Formatting I tried to do messed up, so well.. every spoiler leads on to the next character, I intended them to be one above the other, not one inside the other, but idk. Blame the forums. Shaeryn - My demon hunter, bit of a vagabond even among the Illidari.
  12. Kayn96

    Epsilon WoW

    It's their legal right indeed and they've exerted it once before with Div-X. If you feel like poking the bear go on ahead. Maybe nothing happens, then I'm wrong, gg, nothing happens. If it goes down at some point I don't think anyone present will be happy. Besides, most of the people you'll draw forth by making an advert on youtube are people that are like "Holy shit, server where you have GM powers" and will log in to either 1. Grief 2. Troll and mock the RPers like they do on Retail, except for free 3. Add their Frostmournes, Ashbringers, Vanilla only items and so on, take some screens maybe, brag around a bit, etc At any rate, very few people out there are genuinely interested in RPing on a private server and not already aware of the existence of them in one way or another. It's a pretty small community all in all. But hey, I can't control what you do, by any means. Feel free to literally do whatever the hell you want my man, really. I'm just telling you that there is a possibility, however small, for every video or piece of public media uploaded outside the forums, to get the attention of someone who might just happen to be in a shitty mood and decide to strike down another server. I can say a lot of things about it, I can go on explaining in detail why I personally believe it's too much risk for too little potential benefit, and go into even further detail on to why I consider it stupid to go about posting videos of Epsilon left and right on the Internet. What I can't do is tie your hands. And I already have doubts that you'll bother reading or properly taking into consideration the things I'm pointing out here, because hey, wall of text. Spoooooooopy. Do whatever the hell you want, if you asked for opinions be ready to accept ones that are against your original intent. And if you only put up a thread to look for recognition and people to pat you on the shoulder saying "cool idea, dude"? Sorry. I'm an honest jackass.
  13. Kayn96

    Epsilon WoW

    ...If you want Blizz to take a page out of DivX's book, or Nostalrius', and shut down Epsilon as quickly as it happened to pop up? Sure, keep advertising it on youtube. *Edit - I don't mean it because "amg, Blizz is shutting down servers left and right" or anything, but there are some peculiar details about private servers like Epsi and Para that Blizz might not be fond of. Example: Many of the tier20 items were in the game files ever since patch 7.0, including many of the "hidden" artifact appearances. Not to mention the work on custom items. Last I recall, the "dent" that put a hole in Div-X and got it shut forever was them trying to put Skyrim weapons into the game. Point being - With all the heavy modding going into the game's core and utilities, especially when they're all endorsed by the Dev team through the fact they're placed into the self-updating client by default, I don't want to see Epsi being shut down due to it making a similar "violation" of whatever terms of service. That's just my opinion, at the end of the day though? You do whatever you want.
  14. Normally I'd say sure, why not, if people want to put the effort in to add some armor recolors, then it's awesome and all, really. I just have two mentions about this. First off, there are a multitude of items that we have in the WoW files that don't seem to be available here, from the pretty commonplace "versions of this belt without this buckle" or tier 19 and 20 pieces without their 3d models to the wrist items that add only those set's 3d models on top of whatever it is you're wearing. Or stuff like "x item in y item slot", not just for the chest/tabard/shirt group. Belt/pant/boot and glove/bracelet are also viable options that add a certain level of depth and variability to making custom sets, and sure - not everyone will use it, and you can live well enough without it - but the same can be said about any item or spell in the game, custom or otherwise. Don't know all too much about dev work, I just know that typically those items should be obtainable. And if there's work to be put in something it'd be cool to get those before we go about making custom reskins. But, on the mention of recolors, what I'd -really- like to see is the colors, shades and nuances to be made to somewhat "match" other similar sets, like for example the recolor you made up there? I'd be curious to see how well it blends with parts of that white, black and gold tier20 priest set. Or some old Argent stuffs. That way it's equally possible to take up one of these full sets or make one at custom of your own mix of items, y'know? Fancy work, there, though, at any rate. Would look awesome on an Argent character.