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  1. Just Downloaded the Torrent (Took 6 HRS!) and i still end up with the same bloody "CASC Initialize Error" Here. Edit. And Yes. I made sure that i have all permissions over the folder and followed it step by step, idk why this is happening. I got this laptop from the school so, no idea if that has anything to do with it though.
  2. Pretty sure that's a FX Object or something, been looking for that myself for AGES now.
  3. 10/10, My Brother! For the Thunderfist!
  4. I'll just wait for 7.3, but good work.
  5. I think It's [Wondrous Rapidity].
  6. The server is young, 1-2 weeks. We can only be patient with it, it cannot be perfected in such a short while. Although i do love how the server is. Such a friendly and fun community! <3
  7. Tried these myself, several spells seem to be disabled for what the Admin calls "Griefing" or something in that direction. Few spells can grief tho and i believe it's just uncalled for to disable so many Visuals and Spells that aids in creating RP Visuals and scenes.
  8. My former Blue Dragon, Namigosa. Not RPing her anymore, kek.
  9. Very hot, but very messy kitchen PS: Very hot tho!
  10. I just spoke to an admin about it, it's a bug that will be fixed VERY Soon he stated.
  11. Same, and it was really important for muh droood ;c