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Found 3 results

  1. The Voldunai The Voldunai, once a coalition of misfits and scavengers, joining arms against the armies of the Sethrak Empire, now after the fall of Emperor Korthek, have united further, even including the remaining Sethrak whom of which have renounced their loyalties to the fallen Emperor, and the Tortollan, for the future of the wasteland they call their home. ----------- The Voldunai has been running since late 2019, starting as a small settlement of Sethrak and Vulpera in Uldum, called Sethralia, who sought to expand their peoples into the rest of the world of Azeroth. However, during the invasion of N'Zoth, they returned to Vol'dun after their encampment was destroyed by the forces of the Old God. During this time, we made a temporary move to another server, to use Vol'dun. However, given circumstances, we returned to Epsilon and made our adventures in Vol'dun using Uldum as a stand in. The guild has grown massively since, both in players, stories, and phase additions, with 300+ players in the guild and discord. We do have additions to lore to make Vulpera and Sethrak more RPable, to give fuel for more interesting characters and stories, whilst trying to not escape the bounds of what is currently established by Blizzard too much. The guild is, naturally, centered around continuing the story of Vol'dun Post-BfA, our take on a window into what may have happened with it if Blizzard continued that story, yet other races are allowed as well, with the honour system of common sense. We encourage creative freedom, with common sense encouraged as the law of the land. As it stands, the phase is based in Shatterstone Harbour, rebuilt after the Alliance disbanded it after the Fourth War, but the entire phase is open, built, and filled to the brim with NPCs and interactable tidbits. ----------- Features: - Frequent host periods - DMed quests, events, world bosses, and world events! - Survival themes while steering away from being a full-on survival phase. - A welcoming community, striving to be free of judgment, drama, and bigotry. - Player housing within reason, through applications - Player markets, through Officer intervention - A constantly changing and progressive, open world, desert setting, obviously, nestled in Vol'dun. - Ability to acquire pets or mounts through RP or IC vendors. - A resource system. - Fast travel wagons to various destinations. - Shaman, Druid, and Mage class halls. - Joinable factions such as the Shatterstone Guards, the Elemental Circle, the Sethraliss Circle, and the Ministry of Magic. - A player ran council, lead by Chancellor Vathiss and Keeper Vorrik. - An IC historical museum detailing events occurring in Vol'dun since the end of BfA. - Encouraged exploration. - Sand ----------- Other Info - Timeline Info: Our phase exists in the present day timeline (10.0), and sits in a timeline where Talanji deemed Vol'dun its own nation, and retains a very close allyship with it. However, the Zandalari still send their criminals to Vol'dun. - We have a Discord, which is highly reccomended, if not required, due to it containing all the info you need to get started, rules, events, and community! Join it here: https://discord.gg/kDMxMvupct - We have a "living" document, that includes all the homebrew and tidbits we have added to make the worldbuilding feel more alive. Check it out here! Created by myself, Vathiss, and Equilibrium: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NAlzmhlV4DFEe8rR265Rtim0uKstUxd-8_xEyqzZRIo/edit#
  2. Vathiss Art done by GroxikavonDarkside Age: 14, 737 Titles: Devoted of Sethraliss | Vulpera Liberator | Shan'do Gender: Male Race: Sethrak Relationship Status: Widowed (formelry), Married to Aetria (Present!) Affiliations: The Devoted, Cenarion Circle, Voldunai. Alignment: Neutral good Status: Alive Class: Druid Fears and Weaknesses: Fears - Losing a family member, one day falling to madness, what truly lies after death, Sethraliss dying again. Surprisingly has a fear of the ocean. Weaknesses: Shadow magics, Nightmare usage, Fel, Necromancy, hydromancers. Place of birth: Vol'dun Motto: "Unity and family is the world's greatest strengths." Family: Aetria - Wife (Alive, present) Valericthiss - Wife (Deceased, year 11,340) Serelthiss - Daughter (Deceased, year 11, 340) Teizu - Surrogate brother (Alive) Rikkali, Vytherias, Veeva, Taspok - Adopted sons and daughters - (All alive) (Slice of History) Young Vathiss (by Anry Mary) Hatched and raised within the confines of an ancient sanctuary dedicated to Sethraliss, Vathiss spent the days of his youth under the tutelage of Maester Alzat. Through her, he learnt the fundamental nature of what it truly meant to be a Sethrak, a child of Sethraliss, sworn to uphold peace within their land and to bring the storm to those that intended to undermine and shatter all that the Loa had built. These lessons would only partially be forgotten, along with the sanctuary as time flowed forwards. With the rise of the Faithless Empire, Vathiss engaged in several skirmishes to protect not only Devoted, but his wife and daughter. While the world sundered, Vol'dun continued to tear itself apart. Prior to the war, Vathiss would be allowed the opportunity to pilgrimage to the neighboring provinces, there, he observed the raptari, which led to his own curiosity when it came to understanding nature itself. His studies temporarily ceased on the day both his wife and daughter were cut down by Faithless hands, filling the sethrak with despair and enragement. Following several months of slaughter, he retreated from the field of the dunes, almost to be never seen again. Deep down, he prayed that his Loa would forgive him, deeming himself a coward in his own mind. In seclusion, separated from what ever was left of the world, the sethrak slumbered in meditations and would not return to the waking world nor the dunes, until Sethraliss was rejuvenated and the Faithless Empire crippled. (Meeting Aetria, his other half, his beloved) One day, Vathiss would encounter an emerald dragon by the name 'Aetria', the nightmare was taking root within her heart, with the aid of others and a priest of Elune, they were successful in revoking the nightmare's corruptible influence. As time proceeded, Aetria and Vathiss became close, both sharing heavy comparisons to both their lives, what they had loss, thus blossoming into eternal love. Both, bound to stand by each other until the end of their days. Vathiss/Aetria (by Anry Mary) (Personality) Trained under the teachings of Sethraliss, Vathiss upholds the values that She has laid out for her people: Help those in need, uphold the redemptive tenets. Rarely does he judge a soul for the sins of others, for he firmly believes each individual must be judged by their own actions and merits. However, he too understands there is a fine balance between this level of thinking, and one must decide when one is to be judged, or an entire group for the actions of one. Redemption plays a heavy factor in his decisions, for he believes people can change with the right persuasion and given the chance to do so. Power is another force that has very little sway over him, for power in his mind, is an addiction, like the arcane or fel. Warfare against the Faithless took a heavy toll on the sethrak, for he had witnessed the full cruelty and what lengths they went to ensure absolute and total dominance of Vol'dun. Through the enslavement of the Vulpera to the complete massacres of sacred Devoted sites. He is committed to upholding a personal vow, regardless of what any Vulpera view on the sethrak, he will never strike against them, not even in an act of self defense, and ensure that any Vulpera that remains in chains are to be set free. Rediscovering his youth, this rendered the Sethrak to be even more level headed, focused on his surroundings. He openly prefers resolving a situation through diplomacy, combat is only a last resort when the threat gives no other alternative or he is engaged in a battle where his allies have already determined the outcome, even if he may not disagree with it. Among Vathiss' greatest flaws is his inability to swiftly adapt. The world had changed significantly, the cultures, the languages, slangs, many new races have stepped into the light, even from other planets, therefore he can be perceived as being stuck in the past with his mannerisms, while others engage in sporadic and immature behavior, as he sees it. His secondary flaw is his dedication to a peaceful outcome, as it may cost the task at hand or completely backfire in favor of the enemy. (Apperance) Art done by Shadoca - Vathiss (left), Aetria (right) Standing a little shorter than the average sethrak, Vathiss has a few features that help him stand out, for simplicity, it has been set as bullet points! •Three scarred marking on his right eye. •A blue serpentine symbol on his forehead, usage of blue paint. •Old, yet most of his scales appear pristine to a certain degree. •Longer tail. (With a rattle) •Long torso •A fang bitemark on his snout. •Two golden braclets, snake engravings around his right arm. •The lightning stripes from his neck goes all the way down to his kneecaps. •A beautiful necklace strings around his neck, its chain golden, set with two verdant gemstones wiht a large one inbetween. - Snake-shaped totem on the end! •Green, red and blue feathers rest on the end of his tail, a small red piece of fur is wrapped around the gray one. •One singular ruby ring. •A small badge, appears light orange with gold surrounding its edges. The gold would simply state: "V". (Magic and Weaponry) As a Sethrak, Vathiss has a natural affinity for lightning, or 'lightning magic' as it is commonly referred by. These electrical capabilities provide devastating damage to his enemies, for any sethrak can bring about the storm's wrath through proper training and expertise, make no mistake however, he is far beyond the skills of any Skycaller, he would barely be considered an initiate by their standards. - Only through the prayers to his Loa could be potentially bring the rumbling thunder, even then, it is not a guarantee. On the subject of his Loa, if prayers are answered, he may provide friendly cover for his allies. As a druid, there is nothing else to expect from one with shifting abilities and restoration, taking on several forms depending on the environment and circumstance. While this is not a magical ability, rather biological, like all sethrak, he is able to pickup chemicals within the air and send it directly to his brain. Vathiss personally carries around a set of twin blades, dubbed: Blades of Sethraliss, they are quick to withdraw and deals a great matter of electrical damage to his foes, alongside this, he carries a short blade on the side of his hip, acting similiar to his smaller blades. (OOC note - Ahh this was my first time posting a char profile, hope it wasn't too long or messy! Snek out!)
  3. I wrote a Vulpera RP Guide for those who like Vulpera and may want to RP one, but don't know much about them! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IehTNMAyJDDAsvykcTL4wxXZaMaCu3uC9I7MypnXwzs/edit?usp=sharing