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  1. It was in the aftermath of the demons' third attempted interception upon life. And as celebration for this victory, the time to commune with friends of prior ages had come. A man stood upon a peak, donning a saccharine half-smile. Such was wrought from musings equal in sugar weight. But with the arrival of a buxom blonde woman did his expression become honest, as was his way. This man spent his days speaking vague half-truths, but always did his lips curl candidly: a man of love and proverbs and many lives lived. The woman was quick to lean cooly against her companion. "You're not as sturdy as you once were. I can feel it. I never expected frailty to befall you." She said, smug in a way only the other would comprehend. It was the way her lips moved that gave it away. "I have no doubts you would remember my density from those ran-together days. Your mind has always been keen for tedium, ha-ha!" For a man of small stature, his laughter was mighty -- it dared to leave the cosmos itself shaking. Perhaps it did do so, its resounding nature breaking against the flayed planets most distant. The woman seemed discontent with how well her friend had stubbornly survived. He was unscathed through ventures of unfathomable count. She had almost hoped he would have changed for her own amusement. She wished to see aged scars across his ever-freckled cheeks. A desire she acknowledged as selfish. From this point onward there were little words spoken. They communicated through gestures alone, the subtle shifting of their bones. It was a perfect communication that spoke of years and months and days colluding against hushed, festering malice. However finally did the man act abrasively to the air with potent incantations. Such a mantra ended with a phrasing transcending the sense of most mortals: "There is nothing upside down, only confused notions and kings and stars." This prompted a portal. It surged with arcane, and its purposed served not transportation. Instead, it bestowed insights. The events seen were telling of the past, but painted in the present. The woman merely nodded her head, curly locks of blonde bouncing in a playfulness that contrasted her stoicism. In a way that shattered faux apathy did she smile at the once-beloved figure, and he smiled back. It was humble creation they had witnessed. Forbidden secrets and devotion and newborn wails all formed the picture of a freshly birthed family. "Those after us have survived, and they have lived well. I am grateful forever for this relief, as I had expected the worst of them." Silence dominated once more, and for hours did conversation once again forbid the movement of lips and any exertions of the body. Their reminiscing was conveyed through nuance.
  2. Darkfollow Spire is up, running, and will be periodically hosting events. Join the discord! https://discord.gg/5bceXSV
  3. the only valid human with a master's hat love u
  4. Sons and daughters of the Alliance, your might is needed on the coast of Val'sharah. We have run terrible villains from a massive warden tower, and have made it our own. The Forsaken continue to chip away at valuable resources that could be directed at the infernal creatures above. They are harboring dark, corrupt magics that they've reaped from this once glorious region. Never shall we allow the children of Gilneas - of the Alliance - suffer beneath their rotten Queen's demands. We must band together to stop them, and to stop the Legion. Ready your weapons, your spells, and your faith. Here we shall form an unstoppable bastion against this vile darkness! OOC: Upcoming phase, construction will hopefully be done by Wednesday. (8/23) Military/Adventurer themes prominent. Alliance phase, Horde antagonism can be discussed and introduced by any willing Horde RPers. Events will be hosted for those present, however they will be abrupt. There will be little - if any - formal scheduling. Quality control will be dealt. Roles not adhering to the canon lore will be removed, as will ridiculous, unbelievable characters in general. The environment will change based on the consequences of both public events, and private events dealing with the tower.
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    im gonna put this simply as hell without reading the massive wave of garbage that has ensued thus far. imagination, individuality in the character creation progress, unique ideas = good being unique for the sake of being unique, being purposely over the top, not rping believable characters = bad
  7. The only problem with your first point is that (as anyone from Divinity can tell you) the constant "web" of RP can easily devolve into utter nonsense very quickly. With so many different characters and ideas often OOCly forced to be on amiable terms for some reason, the quality of the role play kind of goes down the drain. The immersion becomes quickly lost. We simply can't be blind and expect everyone to adhere to WoW's canon and role play with tension and rivalries in mind. Plus, this sort of atmosphere can become out of hand also in the respect that the stories/outgoing characters tend to become too "massive" for their own good. There's no ending point, no "chapter" system, so things just sort of grow into ridiculousness imo. Also, this sort of environment all too easily counters your point of RPing a diverse set of characters/ideas. When a community is so weaved together, people tend to stick to one character - maybe two - to avoid falling into irrelevance. They will stick to this one concept so long that said character becomes sort of dull in the respect that it is often hurled into situations where it makes no sense, gains "progression" that makes little sense, and generally loses a lot of the edge said character once had. Just my hindsight from Divinity, and I expect this community will be similar. So while these goals are noble, I'd say we also should proceed with caution.
  8. start building the lodge .
  9. Luther Grimsmith Age: 65 Race: Undead Human Affiliations: The Forsaken, Lordaeron (Formerly) Titles: "Starbane," "The Human Wall" (Formerly) Status: Missing in Action A Cruel Soul Once a man that radiated valor and optimism for his allies, Luther now exists as an entity twisted to the servitude of his queen. A tall, somewhat stocky figure - once a paragon of health - is now gaunt and sickly. The upstanding nature of the warrior's heart now knows little more than cruelty. Friend and foe alike are met with a malicious cunning; inciting fear into living, mortal beings. No longer does Luther don the brilliant armor of the past, but now clings to cloth and chains. The bold way of combat now eludes him, instead employing vile, underhanded tactics to achieve success in his - and the Banshee Queen's - aspirations. Not only has he earned the ire of the Alliance, but even those he once called family are now at his throat. Each victory gathers Luther more respect among the Horde, and more righteous souls aspiring to take his head. Present Day - The Essence of Saronam Prior to his disappearance, Luther was involved in a weighted task. He had uncovered a minor prophecy of sorts; an ancient and holy omen that priestesses of old had documented. However, he did not merely wish to halt this - if it proved to be more than mere superstition - but to shape it to his own ends. Through a series of investigations, he discovered a vital link of this prophecy, and clashed with a band of adventurers at a long-forgotten spot which housed the guardian spirit of an ancient elf. Luther succeeded in twisting this watcher's soul with horrifying void magic, but was finally hurled off of an adjacent cliffside. He - nor his companions - have been seen since this incident occurred. Luther, or one of his allies is believed to be in possession of this now corrupted guardian, likely fueling even more despicable acts.
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  11. my face was bleached off my the mysterious spectre in the background. cheers!
  12. The Endless Grey Taerys was no abnormal birth, delivered to a mother with an unlimited capacity for compassion -- a trait that distinguished her among other devotees of Elune. However, as the young one grew, Taerys’ mother - Alandare - found herself growing concerned with her daughter. She was not inherently twisted, but it was as if a piece of her soul had dissipated upon birth. It was as if the grace of her goddess had not bestowed hope upon Taerys, but instead a pair of eyes that saw only a grim realism. There was no life, no mysticism, and no wonder. Only a sort of morbid curiosity and skepticism dwelled within the expressions of this growing elf. She could not even find awe within the grand empire the Night Elves had built; an existence doomed to apathy and calculation. However, there was one spark of passion that Taerys eventually found. A talent that she discovered on the edges of the well’s magical shore; the act of sorcery. Even in her infant years of the arcane’s use, it fueled grand aspirations. Some were eerie, ambitious goals, and others held a sort of benevolent humility. Nevertheless, this series of shady inclinations concerned her mother, and the sisters that had watched her grow. It was not long before her admiration shifted from the devout or druidic, and onto the the Highborne caste. Lord Illidan himself even became a figure deserving of reverence for this swiftly evolving sorceress. Bittersweet Blood The arrival of the Legion - the dire treachery Azshara had committed - sealed Taerys' fate. As hell itself rained from the skies, she allied herself with the resistance against such an infernal threat. However, with each battle - each close call - the woman found herself more intrigued with these invaders. They were vile, immoral beasts, even within her cold psyche she considered them monsters. But potent beasts, they were. The theme of sacrifice at the cost of survival became apparent among the Night Elves, however some took it to greater heights than others. Taerys resisted the sickly allure of fel magic throughout the war, but it constantly prodded her psyche. The rumors of Illidan and his mimics plagued the dreams of this sorceress. With the Highborne soon becoming exiled from the land, Taerys herself was stricken with a devastating hunger now. She was no longer permitted to practice the arcane that had consumed her so. What little passion she held started to fade; feeling utterly fateless in this turn of her society. She lived as a hopeless hermit for some time, however the eventual War of the Satyr revitalized her rage for demonkind once again, and was the final catalyst for her descent into the most chaotic of magics.
  13. Clara recently did a piece for me too. Meet the almighty Maxwell's favorite student.
  14. To elaborate on Valrik's post, you might want to limit the roster race-wise. Moderation will be key here. The only races we have in the Silver Hand are: Dwarves, Draenei, Humans, Blood Elves, Tauren, and some more "Exotic" examples such as Night Elves and Half-Elves. The latter two should be closely moderated in terms of quality, more so than the former, imho. People often skew and absolutely ruin the more "unique" or "rare" roles in Warcraft RP. I'm not condemning them conceptually, but best to keep it simple unless someone can really pull of a convincing rarity. But back to the core of it all. It's bad enough that Blizzard put so many races (which have historically often had bad blood) together without a trace of conflict. I would advise against making this already lacking fluff-lore even worse by including literally every race. Just my two cents, though. Either way I'm happy to see Silver Hand stuff up.