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  1. i was writing a story about how there was this gust of wind that could hurt peoples skin like sandpaper.

    needless to say, it was a rough draft.

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      zenn ironbeard

      posting rights revoked

  2. be careful about reading any tomes on anti-gravity. it's impossible to put down.

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      X             D

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      fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff I laughed

  3. when i'm in a town with my boy jerry when you watch two good boys duking it out
  4. i was wondering why that bloodhoof totem was getting closer. and then it hit me.

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      hit you what ooohHhhHHh NOW I GET IT

  5. welcome my good friend i totally never knew you were here prior to this topic
  6. this is an introduction post thanks for coming
  7. This would be spectacular, even if I'm unsure if it even CAN be implemented, but one can hope.
  8. I can confirm this. I had just done this on Saruul, trying to promote Aryiax. For some reason it also appeared as though I added 'Sorrow' as a member. SCREENCAP This is Sorrow's screenshot of the same event. SCREENCAP
  9. Granted, but now you're under intense scrutiny for what you say or you may lose more than your sponsorship. I wish that I had the power to control the ELEMENTS THEMSELVES.
  10. Added The Pawn's findings in specific to objects, When or if it's put in, I'll redact the oddities of character creation on the main post.
  11. Added what was posted here (credited to those who found it as well) Added as well the fatigue bar being a thing, which isn't a bug, but it'll likely be better to be rid of it.
  12. Zenn Ironbeard


    Good work, fellas.
  13. Disclaimer: I may edit this as I find bugs and other things. - Players are able to mod the scale/morph/mana/hp/rage/energy of other players, regardless of if .cheat god is on. Redacted. - Players are able to cast spells on any player, regardless of whether or not .cheat god is on. Though unkillable, it may make for irritation. - Tauren horns are untextured beyond the 4th color choice in character creation. - Announce is not accessible as of the posting of this topic, typing .announce <message> at all will elicit a lengthy spam block. Unredacted, more specifics from Kingsman: typing in announce can result in a 'ban' that lasts 88 years or something, even if you only typed once. Still a present bug for some people. - I am unable to promote people in my phase when they are a member, resulting in me being unable to make them an officer. - I am unable to create Pandaren. I have tested this out with each class that they can be, both genders, and it has been the same result. Redacted. Seems to have been fixed. - .cheat barber does not allow me to complete a change, resulting in the message 'must be seated in a barber chair' to appear. - CREDITS TO PA Targeting people and doing .recall will teleport them to their last known location. - CREDITS TO PA .title add ID with players targeted gives them titles - CREDITS TO KINGSMAN A version of the human male face is unavailable, it's either face 01, or 00. It's similar to the first available human male face variant, except with no doofy smile and a smaller nose this is VERY IMPORTANT - CREDITS TO ERKOR Using .ph set sky zone spams your chat with all the diff. skybox changes. Can this be adjusted so it doesnt spam the entire chat window? - CREDITS TO ROMEO Horde only armor restrictions are still prevalent. - CREDITS TO DAVIDTWO The command .ph set skybox default does not exist. - The Fatigue Bar is still an existent thing, and though this isn't a bug, it may be prudent to be rid of it for the sake of building above the sea. - .npc move does seemingly nothing, until a DC occurs, in which case the NPC will now be in the spot they were moved. - CREDITS TO PAWN Scaling, moving, and rotating an object all change the GUID of said object. (Say an object had a GUID of 5. Rotating it would make it 6. Scaling it then moves it to 7. If you rotate again if you didnt get it right the first time, it goes to 8 now, and so on...) - CREDITS TO PAWN Rotating is -extremely- buggy and takes like 3-4 tries before it finally goes to the rotation you set it to. - CREDITS TO PAWN Moving or scaling an object messes with a rotated object and changes it to a random rotation, forcing you to have to re-rotate it. - CREDITS TO PAWN Cannot select objects. At all. Redacted, - .phase member remove <name> results in this appearing. ----------- If anyone has any bugs they want to share, I can put them up here, if you like. Or post below. Or do nothing- I don't care, I'm not a cop.