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    The Arkanford

    Damn This is Pretty Cool
  2. A lot of things happened that caused this idea to come to a halt. I'm throwing up another interest check for this, if it sounds like something people want, I'll give it a shot. If not, I'll scrap it and move forward from there. (The discord's still up if people are interested.)
  3. oh, would you look at that. i'm erect.
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    Please roleplay with me.
  5. Lucas

    Rate that Music

    Super sick guitar work- sounds like something I could get behind learning. Even though I don't usually listen to hardcore music. 9/10
  6. Phase is finished. As the week starts up again, I am unavailable. It'll be up to the officers (on the discord) to host if they want to. AC is still busted so there's no hope for playing my PC without an overheat happening.
  7. Target missed. My AC has gone on the fritz, and roleplay was in abundance today. I will try for tomorrow. Apologies.
  8. i've done the first one. i'll try doing it in game and restarting my game. this is very strange. Edit: it didn't work, these poor undead are not yet free.
  9. for me at least. whenever they talk, or sit down. or do really anything but stand perfectly still.
  10. Marker hit. Expect hosting later today.
  11. New aim: Saturday. I've been putting a fair amount of work in, I think we can manage it. If not, oh well.
  12. Unforgotten! The phase is coming along swimmingly and my aim is next week for opening up and hosting regularly. Weekdays I will be mainly accessible through Discord (PM me for it), but I'll look to leave the phase in very capable hands while I'm not around. After we see how the phase goes for the first few days, I'll start looking into starting up story.
  13. A chunk of land, tucked away and long forgotten by the human kingdoms- a place that's infected with bandits, a place that reeks of danger. The absolute perfect place to lay the foundations of a brighter tomorrow, rich with resources and nestled safely off of Lordaeron it was bound to become a target for a courageous leader eventually. A group of adventurers set out to lay the foundation- and not without a troubling encounter. The group moved in early, keeping their wits about them before encountering a patrol of the aforementioned bandit. The untouched land was soon tainted by the blood of the patrol, and with haste the group began laying down their foundations. At the head, Lordrik Vangrove, a level headed Wildhammer dwarf with ambitions for a brighter tomorrow in his brand new forest frontier, Vangrove! The frontier consists of around thirty overall workers, including Lordrik and his guard- posters quickly find themselves on Mission Boards across the Eastern Kingdoms, namely the human kingdoms, and dwarven kingdoms. It calls for aid, an immense amount of it- it promises a home for those who step forth and take arms to help them with an ongoing bandit threat. An expansive future awaits this group. OOC Information: Vangrove is going to be an Alliance aligned frontier- the goal in place with Vangrove is to use a resource system in order to build up a town. It will require planning, resources, and correctly fortifying our structures to survive in this bandit hellscape. The town (thus far) consists of a pavilion, and a series of tents for the already existing population. Upon joining (ICly) Vangrove you'll be allowed your own personal tent- and any supplies you come with, you can donate to the Pavilion to add to the resource pool. Join our discord if you're interested in being in the loop. The phase is not up yet, and anyone who wants to help build on it is welcome to do so. Details subject to change over time.
  14. "do you think it works on retail?" -estranged florida man 2017
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    hello flamewing
  16. jordy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!