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  1. PROLOGUE: With the official opening of Tel'Abim's doors to the public, the King of the tropical island is offering a major event known as "The Carnival". Free food, free drinks, and the unique chance of becoming... ...THE KING OF THE CARNIVAL! More details at: https://discord.gg/kX7M6Dq
  2. Prologue: Discovered shortly after the Third War, the tropical island of Tel'Abim became a fully-fledged nation. Now, with the war on Azeroth, the rich island stands at the brink of doom, or a rise in prosperity, as different factions stare at it with greedy eyes. Rising from the South Seas, and inhabited by Goblin, Pandaren, and Hozen natives, it sports a multi-cultural and multi-racial community where all kinds of lifestyles are accepted. That does not mean these species got along at first. That changed until the bright mind of a Goblin wizard known as Abim changed the course of fate and rallied the island into a proper nation. It now opens its doors to the public with their fancy new zeppelin and boat rides. Current Factions: Nationalists: Spanning from Abim's own dynasty rises The Don. The most supreme figure in the island. He is known for his unparalleled greed and good taste. His followers are blind zealots that will do anything he says. Jumping off a canyon sounds like an acceptable idea if The Don suggests it. Frantixx Antixx: The enterprise owned by the Trade Prince of Tel'Abim, Frantixx, specializes in trading assets from all over Azeroth in exchange for tropical goods and crafts. However no one understands why his mansion sits in the Pandaren slums, let alone guarded by so many bruisers and strict security protocols. It's easy to believe it's because he is The Don's son, but the elite know very well The Don cares very little about Frantixx. Steamwheedle Cartel: Having found the island of Tel'Abim almost twenty years ago, the largest and fully neutral cartel in Azeroth struck a deal with the island. Its independence, guaranteed, for a new dock and a steady flow of trade in lumber and food. Bilgewater Cartel: Although considered of poor judgement by its current leadership's decision to assimilate with the Horde, this Cartel has sunk their claws into the island of Tel'Abim, in hopes of forming a new confederation with the island. SI:7: Not present yet. Roleplay: Players that are NOT native to the island can either arrive by boat from Booty Bay or from a zeppelin ride from Ratchet. Either an adventurer, or a tourist, what brings you to this island is your own reason. All manner of role play is welcome in the island. From religious types on a pilgrimage, ne'er-do-wells that seek thrill, adventurers looking to make a name, someone trying to escape their old lives. There are no limits! Businesses and factions can be made or joined! From an unlawful organization to a mere establishments. We have very little tolerance of highly powerful characters whose only fixation is to either ruin other players' fun or destroy the island. No DK's or DH's. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/kX7M6Dq Phase ID: 25331
  3. Hello Gen! Hau! Welcome!
  4. good stuff right here. Thank you.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH_lwQrlyk8 "He who fights monsters would do well to take care, lest he become a monster himself, and if you gaze into the abyss for too long, the abyss gazes back." Life and Death have existed in parallel ever since mortal life first arose in our physical universe. The origins of the realm of the dead, the Shadowlands, remain uncertain. Be it by sea or air, there is no escaping time. And so do we reach our ends. But those that have played with it, or played by fate itself, end up in this grim dimension. Forever bound to roam aimlessly. The premise The Garden of Demise opens up as a phase for those interested in searching the occult, the nuances of life and death, time. Those that seek an escapade from the mortal realm. From wars and chaos. A place to stop existing. This pocket plane is owned by a specter known as the Hornfather. A greedy spirit that has possessed this corner of the Shadowlands for himself and as such welcomes any entertainment in his home. It is said he expects his guests to fight for his entertainment occasionally and rewards the victors on certain occasions. Entering the Gardens To access this realm one must fit in with one or more of the following criteria: Be able to talk to the spirits or phase into the Shadowlands. (Shamans, Spirit Walkers, Death Knights, Necromancers, etc.) Be casted into it, be it by person or a cursed trinket. Be dead ( For those that choose the third option, do .aura 123708 AND .aura 44823 to show yourself as a ghost ) Guidelines Death in this plane means ceasing to exist. Be it in life or death. And we expect players to respect other character's stances whether they accept death or not. Usual rules apply. No godmodding / metagaming / etc. This is a role play phase, not start. Save OOC banter for /instance chat. (Which you'll get invited to when you join the phase) My Discord: Ezcu#7559 Phase ID: 20737
  6. Ezcu


    Welcome neighbor! (From Argentina myself.)
  7. I furiously support this idea.
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    Buenas. Si necesitas algo me avisas. Estoy para ayudar.
  9. "Ratchet, on Kalimdor’s central east coast, is run by goblins and shows it. Its streets sprawl in every direction, and the architecture shows no consistency or common vision. It is a city of entertainment and trade, where anything that anyone would ever want to buy, and plenty of things that no one ever wants to buy, is on sale." What was once a humble savanna shanty town, is now a proper, technologically advanced town. Although messy in nature, it runs smoothly and generates coin for the Steamwheedle Cartel efficiently. For starters, more options as to where to travel have been built, such as zeppelins to Everlook. With a common foe vanquished, the fragile ties that held both factions together have finally been stretched to their limit. Only time will tell when this loose alliance will collapse and, when it does, war is sure to be on the horizon. Attention is coming back to the old Barrens port as different factions are surging forwards to claim their place in the region. FACTIONS The Ratchet Watch - One of the most relentless, and most brutal law enforcement agencies in Azeroth. The Watch holds no mercy for those that break the law. (Position open) - (Position open) - (Position open) - Unclaimed spots: Throught Ratchet there are several unclaimed areas such as houses or stores. RULES Standard rules apply. 1 - This phase is for casual RP, meet-ups, and guild/clan/business recruitment. Do NOT expect DMing. This is NOT a dungeon. Moderation will still take place for people that don't follow the rules. 2 - Similar to Rule 1. Hostile attempts against the town without officer's consent will be instantly kicked. Pranks are allowed to an extent, they cannot harm general populace. Arguing is also allowed, lay a hand on someone and you'll be removed from the premises. Feel free to declare duels as long as they take place OUTSIDE of the town. 3 - Do not use OOC chat in /say or /emote more than once. Use /whispers, /guild, /party, or .phase announce. Using /say or /emote for ooc toxicity will get you kicked. 4 - Ridiculous speeds or flying without a previous emote guarantees a kick on sight. CONTACT & SUPPORT If needing to contact me hit me up via Discord: Ezcu#7559
  10. Hey Pedro. I'm Ezcu from Argentina. Welcome. If you need anything my Discord : Ezcu#7559
  11. Ezcu

    Forum Roleplay [Poll]

    This is something that comes up too often in roleplay servers. And I never seen it get far. People usually get bored of typing long descriptive parragraphs (cause lets be honest, you have unlimited time and writing, why write 4 words?). I might try it if it goes well though. I'd make a Discord group for it over forums. To see who is typing and whatnot so theres no stepping on other's toes. I don't think its a bad idea. I've been mildly interested in it, but I find in-game roleplay more fun than in text.
  12. What's the active playerbase? The active playerbase is not massive I'll say that. However, people tend to be more dedicated and/or enjoy roleplaying more. What expansion/patch is the server on? 7.3.5 What are the most active guilds? there are a few guilds that come to my mind right now. I am not sure how active they are for I am not in them: Elisram - Assembly of the Eclipse - Brightflame Union - Heartwing - What are the most active phases? Theres not much in the way of active phases in Epsilon due to our low numbers. Most people do private roleplay, or arrange a day for a particular public phase. There's no "24/7 open tavern" phases. What is your character? I'm Worzrac in game. I have others, but they aren't relevant at the moment. I hope this helps. If you need anything hit me up in Ezcu#7559 (Discord)
  13. The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Phase is opening on 31st of July. (Subject to change upon general consensus) Come join the Discord to save a spot/house or to know more of the phase. Discord Link