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  1. Back in the old days, we could .gps 5 5 0 (set the character's move +5 on X, +5 on Y, +0 on Z), which was really useful because we could effectively combine directions to move in (especially with a bit of addon magic driving it). These days, we can only .gps forward 5, which limits our options (requires we move twice to reach any particular point on the grid). I'd like to have the "classic" style available for not only .gps but also for .gobject move, which would let us avoid having to chain together multiple commands. As the current commands take numeric arguments which mean vastly different things, I would suggest the new commands: .gps xyz {x} {y} {z} .gobject move xyz {x} {y} {z} ... I might actually do it myself, just figured I should post it here.
  2. Yeah, you heard that right! We're looking for talented individuals to fill a bunch of spots on our development team in all manner of positions. The first group is looking for technically minded individuals. These positions are either code or data driven. 1) Client Developers We're looking for developers who either know Lua or would like to learn, who can help us through the full development lifecycle of creating new and exciting addons (as well as general maintenance and bug fixes). Novices are most welcome. 2) Tool Developers We want programmers who can write small tools to automate our development workflow, specifically tasks that are either a chore, or feasibly impossible, to do by hand. 3) Data Developers We are looking for just a few individuals with a working knowledge of WoW's crazy database format (we can teach you most of it) and SQL to centralise the management and maintenance of our DB2 files so that our other developers can push their content reliably on time, every time. We also have positions for those artistic folk! These positions are about content creation and editing. 1) Model Developers We're looking for people who can edit character models, reskin objects and items and import them from other sources. For those with the skills, there is even scope to make your own content! Last but certainly not least (drum roll my dudes) 2) World Developers. That's right, map makers. Cartomancers. Gods in their own right. We're looking for people to edit ADT files to support an upcoming system which will blow your minds! There is also a call for people who can create entirely new maps using NoggIt, which we can upconvert to Legion. Applications go into our fancy new Applications forum (makes sense, I guess). There is no structure we need you to follow, so present however you like. The only requirement is that you include your Discord tag - like @timgblack#3463 or @Azarchius#4464. If you have any questions about the application process, you may ask on the Applications forum with a [Q] immediately before your subject line. If it's something that everybody should know, we'll put it up here too. Thanks for all of your support over the last few years, everybody, and here's to many more!
  3. Back before it was out, somebody I was studying with showed me one of the trailers. The show isn't quite as funny now as what got me hooked, but I enjoy it for everything else now too so.
  4. Comes out soon, I am keen. To be honest I'm not sure I want to expect anything. Thus far, I've been pleasantly (and shockingly) surprised by where the story has gone. It's the 14th here already, not long now...
  5. I'm getting a message that says 

    You have been disconnected. (BLZ1914001)

  6. The server definitely pings. Can you post the full output of the ping as well as a tracert? If you can PM me your IP address (Google "what is my IP") and ISP, I'll see if there's any weird routing going on there. This goes for anybody suffering the same issues.
  7. We have ourselves a new server - we're getting it set up now. More updates on when we're going to make the transition when we're close to it and have a time.
  8. I'm always happy to respond to questions anytime (especially if you just ask the question and don't go "can I ask you a question?"). I guess that doesn't quite tell everybody, but if you have any questions then please; just ask. On the front of giving updates, I do agree with you. The tricky part for us is figuring out what's worth sharing - we have a lot of things going on, but what of it is actually interesting? I'll see what I can do about increasing the frequency of our #announcements to keep everybody in the loop. I want to say we're off to a start (good or otherwise):
  9. I had the question of whether there would be any data loss in the form of phases or objects or anything. The answer is simply no; we will be taking a minimal downtime to migrate over to make sure that we lose absolutely no data.
  10. Hi guys! I'm trying to update everybody on our plans more, and I've got something exciting to share: We're moving to a different hosting provider! The new server has been ordered but is not yet delivered. Once we have access, we will provision and test it, then make the move. I expect that when the move ultimately happens, there will be no more than an hour of downtime. We will have more information on when this will be, when we know ourselves. Our webserver will be staying where it is for now but likely will also move at some point. The new dedicated server is going to be cheaper, which is great, and will have an SSD RAID. The RAID means improved data reliability as well as faster database read speeds. We are cutting down the amount of RAM we have, from 128GB to 64GB. From current trends, this shouldn't interfere at all; we aren't using even 16GB at the moment. Our new hosting provider is still German. The latency we see to Germany from both the USA and Europe has been good so far, and in Australia we get 300ms either way. If you have any questions, either PM me or post here and I'll be able to give you an answer.
  11. I'd prefer it be an addon. Is there any situation where via the website would be a better alternative than in-game? I wouldn't mind trying my hand at a basic SQL parser to even let you import weapons from another database...
  12. When creating ranks, some rank is duplicated (not necessarily the new one) It only seems to happen when there are more than some number of ranks exist (likely more than 4) Not noticed that it happens to the officer rank, and making everybody officer and recreating the other ranks seems to get around the issue (painfully) When promoting/demoting somebody into the duplicated rank, they disappear from the guild roster (but can still speak in guild chat and have the guild name beneath their name) This has reportedly also happened once after a server restart Thanks to ζ͜͡ƒιяєѕтσям (@Firestorm#7092) for the report
  13. The range resetting is already reported: I'm going to treat this report about the teleport location, spell and delay resetting.
  14. Does this happen similarly without the automatic learning/casting/adding addon?
  15. Is this specific to objects, as in post-object search, .lookup next is returning the same / similar results? But it works fine on items, NPCs etc?