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  1. Welcome to Epsilon, Mihoru. We hope you like it here; if you ever need help, don't be scared to ask in the Server's announce, or in Epsilon's Discord. There's plenty of nice folks around that enjoy helping others.
  2. Welcome to Epsilon, buddy. If you need anything you can ask in announce or just DM me on Discord, I'm Valyona. We hope you enjoy your time here.
  3. Found another texture we could use for eps_rockarch compilation! Try tileset/expansion07/kultiraszone/8kul_gnomejunkpile01_1024.blp
  4. Hey guys, I found a group of untextured m2 objects. There used to be five unique groups of this object, but as of current only one remains. I retextured them and played around with them a bit, and I see the potential that can be had. All of the shapes and texture paths will be listed below. 996265 - world/expansion05/doodads/color_07.blp 130061 - dungeons/textures/walls/mm_strmwnd_mwall_05.blp 1787864 - tileset/expansion07/general/8war_tile02_512.blp 1787861 - tileset/expansion07/general/8war_tile01_512.blp Thank you for reading! (EDIT): I should probably of added a couple screenshots here, let me actually do that now.
  5. Auriel22

    .gob group act

    A .gob group command for activating multiple gobjects in unison. A syntax example could be .gob group activate, for if someone wanted to activate a handful of objects at once, like a set of doors or machine gobjects. Thank you for reading.
  6. Yeah, that's correct! Sorry I got to this so late. lol
  7. Hi, everyone. I found another interesting bug, specifically when it comes to blacklisting people from Phases. I noticed that if a player no longer has a character name because they delete the character and a second player happens to take the name, that by blacklisting the character name it will blacklist the person that first had the name, and not the player account that currently has the character name.
  8. Hi guys, weird tile rotation desynchronization seems to be back and crazier than before. Notably, when moving a pitched tile, it would turn a random direction. but now, sometimes, it also changes its pitch and also its turn. Gardener mentioned that to try and combat this, you can just preemptively move to the location you need the tile to be by doing .gob go for alignment before .gps move, but it seems that more likely than not, spawning the tile and then pitching it might also cause it to go out of whack, sometimes not pitching properly. When pitched 90 degrees, it was sometimes off by 5 degrees. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to replicate these problems, but I was able to replicate one of them. I noticed that with some of these tiles being weird, if you .gob go to them and then .gps 4 l/r, that you will be crooked to the tile rather than adjacent, when the tile is clearly visually straight. This seems to have something to do with the weird bugs listed above. Video and bug replication procedure courtesy of Gardener. Thanks! ? BarelyLegal(EPSI).mp4 1. .gobj go to tile at pitch 90 2. gps u 3.992 3. gps b 0.174 4. gobj sp 884604 5. gobj pitch -90 6. gobj roll 180
  9. Hey, everyone. As the title says, I've observed that .gob sel is acting much differently than before, in a way that I don't believe is intentional. .gob sel is supposed to select the target nearest to you, but as I build with these building tiles, I find that this is seemingly no longer the case. https://gyazo.com/1f4baf3b716f7f91c33598416b647b47 - Here, you can see where I have a macro for .gob sel that I use to select nearest. I am also standing in what should be the very center of the tile. https://gyazo.com/129d370617f2006627e699a0b2c3d659 - Even more strange, I find that if I move a ways away from it, to the edge of another tile diagonal to it, .gob sel will select the last tile. https://gyazo.com/73440212f303e5701f9da3618b78d6f9 - In fact, .gob sel seems to just act completely random. There's nothing that seems methodical about it at all. ...I'm afraid that I have no clue what's going on here. It's definitely thrown a fairly large wrench into the building project I was working on, though. I see this being a little problematic. I'm not sure if it's of any importance, but I should note that doing .gob sel without a macro will yield identical results.
  10. An item this female Orc NPC wears doesn't seem to exist from what could be found. The MorphID of the NPC is 17981. Item with texture/name plate_horde_c_04red_chest_tu does not exist, whereas others of the same appearance do lookup plate_horde_c_04 and find chest pieces etc from other colors that show.
  11. Hey, whoever might be reading this! As the title of this topic says, I have a suggestion for .gob set vis. I was building and attempting to optimize my Phase for performance a bit, and I noticed that the visibility range of objects is a circular radius, and not a spherical radius. Not everybody is crazy like me, but I tend to like building my own mini-zones, some of which goes underground and subsequently can be a bit layered. So for most of the underground portions, I like to set their visibility radius lower so that they don't cause needless render-lag or FPS issues while above ground. A spherical radius seems like a good idea! Thank you.
  12. Hi. Last Friday in Discord, I went to support in Epsilon Discord with a problem involving how objects were behaving with rotation and movement commands. I included a GIF showing what happened with an explanation of the process, which will be included here. It is noteworthy that in the GIF, I was using macros in order to recreate the bug that was occurring for the sake of having enough time to be able to catch it in the GIF. However, the bug occurred regardless of whether or not I was using macros. I spawned the tile where I needed it to be, and did .gob pitch 90 and then .gob roll 90 to get the tile angled, and then began moving it to where it had to be in small increments like I normally would. I would move the tile twice before its rotation was reset, ruining its alignment. I was told to try to do the process the other way around, moving the tile into position before adjusting its rotation. This worked until yesterday, where I ran into the same issue again using curbs. I did .gob pitch 90 to stand the curb upright on its end, and then .gob turn 90, which ruined its rotation by turning it at an angle that was not 90 degrees. I didn't use macros when this occurred. One final thing to note is that I have the ObjectMover addon, but I wasn't using it to rotate either the tile or the curb when both bugs occurred. https://gyazo.com/1057924228531137fe0a2a3840fc5b35 EDIT: Ran into more interesting breaks. Adding a new GIF link. https://gyazo.com/b083933fb4a5bb1baf0bc00a32d172ed