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  1. MOD UPDATED! Fantasy Version 1.0 is Released! Link updated on the main post!
  2. So, yeah. I have a LOT of deleted characters that i really don't need in my list and they make the "useful character" research difficult. If we can by any chance delete the deleted characters permanently it will be awesome.
  3. I searched spells that make the animations slower but i couldn't find anything. It will be nice to have this but while the player is moving too. For example, the walking gnome animation is way too fast imo. I'd like to have a command or spell to slow it a little bit.
  4. i suggested the same thing a while ago, here's the link: I really support the idea, it's a shame it didn't have more supportment ?
  5. You have all of this for free with constant updates and still you have the audacity to say that to one person that is doing all of this by himself. Learn some respect dude.
  6. I officially name myself your biggest fan. I would suck your shoes for an entire day. I truly love your work man.
  7. I fugging love your work man. The forsaken helmet with no spikes is something i was wishing for months! I hope you can do it for Female humans and Kul'tirans!
  8. Hiddai

    Phase Shift Doodad

    I don't think is broken. I'll try to log in today to see how to delete those doodads
  9. Hey uh... I see three things to download. Should i download them all or choose one?
  10. Hiddai

    Phase Shift Doodad

    Try to use the same command in the zones around the map. For example, if you do .ph shift doodad zone off on duskwood, it will have some doodads around, and they go puff if you do the command in Deadwing pass.
  11. To be fair, goblins don't have eyebrows neither except for Gallywix for ??? reason too as far i know. And when the eyebrows for goblins came i saw a lot of them enjoying their new feature so... giving orcs the same thing would be cool. For trolls... idk, that might be cursed as well. But every addition is welcome!