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  1. Huh, odd. Probably you're downloading only the sound folder? Don't select any folder of the link and click on download (Sorry for the spanish in the pic lmao) The patch folder must be like this If that doesn't work i uploaded a .zip version. Try with that! If that doesn't work neither, contact me on Discord and i'll give you the .json file
  2. I didn't find the polearm sounds on retail data to change it, sadly. The sounds you hear are from retail wow. I'll try to do a better research thought. Will do!
  3. Greetings! My friend and I did a sound mod. It took a while to make but we are really satisfied with it. We aim to make it a low fantasy mod. It's very simple to install. Just extract the rar in "Patches" folder of Epsilon and activate the patch in the Epsilon Launcher. Remember it's a Beta! If you have some suggestions, critics or even better, sounds to add, you can contact me on Discord by the nickname Hiddai#3584 Download link: RAR https://drive.google.com/file/d/15EHyXQ6qcICt-p6NChFvhEABW0YPWPAu/view?usp=sharing ZIP https://drive.google.com/file/d/1smEEd-A3gHEZsRHiOpys-m6rug5eAoWF/view?usp=sharing i don't like a specific sound: You can delete the sound. First you need to find it in the patch folder, delete it, then open the "patch.json" file and search for the sound name and delete that data too. Luckily it's very easy to do it. Some sound examples? Sadly my pc is terrible, so i can't make an example video. If someone is interested, i'll be greatfull Credits! (I got the sounds from here lmao) - Heroes of the Storm - Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord - Gecko's Oblivion Sound overhaul (lazygecko) General Changes:
  4. I cannot see the videos. I need the sound editing video and it's private 😞
  5. Welp! As the tittle suggest, we already have the Epsilon terrain cut, which is awesome. But sometimes when you need to do a little custom road on a zone, or you spawn a tent, the grass is traspassing all and making it ugly. So i was thinking, what if the admins make a grass version of the terrain cut? Because i usually need to do some terraforming to put houses and such and it's painful For example, something like this. We have this tall grass here and let's imagine i need to put a tent here. But... there's this mess. Then i use the Grass cut and... Now we have a clean floor to put some tents!
  6. My suggestion is to put a new rank in phases, something better than officer, like "sub-owner". I use more than one phase to change the doodads, textures, etc. But i can't be a phase owner of two phases with a one character. So i need to log in with another character to do these changes. The problem with this is i use the phases to change the "situation" of some big events in the middle of the roleplay. And waiting for changing character and doing the changes takes a lot of time for my and people waiting for the next part of the event (My pc is very poopoo) So... yeah. That's it. Thanks for having it in mind!
  7. Hiddai

    Mom's Refrigerator

    Does this work for 8.3? 😮
  8. The NPC formation also do nothing when you do .npc follow or .possess on the leader.
  9. • Race: All of them, i think • Sex: all of them... • Type Interface • Description: When you use .cheat barber, isn't a option to change the hair style. • Evidence (Screenshot):
  10. I'd love that. Finally some normal weapons instead of the super glowy demi-god Sword of the Azeroth's core fire.
  11. Does someone have the patch? The link is broken and i REALLY want this!
  12. This is awesome! I pray for the link even if it's still WIP 😄