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  1. Here's my guide on how to easily scale properly for that bit of extra immersion. Recommended Converter TheCalculatorSite • [Height Converter] Size Comparison Site (up to 6 figures) OddsEnds • [Comparing Heights] How to Scale Addon Addon based on this guide • Made by @gardener • [Forum Thread] • [Addon Download] List of Model Heights (Scale 1) How to Scale How to Measure Models Manually Useful links to check out Height chart on Wowpedia - Not all accurate, check notes for the accurate/confirmed heights Model heights on Wowpedia - More accurate than some heights on the above link, added by me, ofc Average troll subspecies height - Researched & added by me, ofc Update - 10/05/2019 I recently found a way to get the exact model heights for every playable race, thus it was time to start updating this page. I've re-designed the post itself a bit, changed wording, toned down the colour usage and various other things to hopefully make it easier on the eyes. I also changed the calculator links to a much better alternative, it is the most accurate converter I've found and is something I used in the making of the height chart below. Added dwarves to the list because apparently I forgot them lmao. Also added Kul Tirans and Zandalari rather than forgetting to do it later. In this update I'll include my personally made player model height chart I made using WMV, Blender and Photoshop, as it is currently the most accurate one to date. (Goblins and worgen will be added once their model updates are out.) Changelog - 13/07/2020
  2. (That comment just shows you didn't hit the sweet spot.... aka 1:20+... not fit for a quiet night)
  3. 4/10, not my type of jam. Not bad, but not something I'd listen to voluntarily.
  4. Awesome. Once again, thanks for your lists. They came in handy back in the day as well.
  5. Or well, like those scale 2-3 worgen females in a certain spawn area....