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  1. World port or tele, doesn't matter. If you make some kind of mall for the public to use, especially one for tiles as in this case, best is to have a spawn right at the mall.
  2. Great to have, but please, put the spawn at the tile mall rather than elsewhere if you're going to make something like this public to everyone, rather than complicate it with world ports.
  3. War-God Matt


    Using fonts is a bannable offense. . .. o k? (Okay not really, but welcome to the forums.)
  4. Personally I think it'd be best to have both be usable as they both come in handy depending on the situation. When spawning tiles, .gps <value> <direction> is better as tiles have a set value and you need to often change the direction When spawning other stuff, .gps <direction> <value> is better as most of the time you use random values for this and simply use the player orientation for the direction, e.g environments, clutter, etc Other than that, is gud
  5. Welcome to the server. c:
  6. We will have our own version of the "<insert server> Helper" soon™. Along with some other helpful addons that come with the server's launcher.
  7. Wanted head = 500g (murdered a princess) - 5,000,000g (stole some beer from ur local murloc tavern™)
  8. Granted. But you're only allowed to play the music I want to listen to. Aw yis. :') I wish I could wish I had something to wish for.
  9. Moved to Nar'thalas Academy (guides, etc), as this is not a suggestion. @JamesWillhelm David's EmoteID list is already pinned in Nar'thalas Academy.
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    Scale Finder

    Yeah, fair point. And.. sorry about that. :c
  11. War-God Matt

    Scale Finder

    It's cool to see someone else got this idea, so that's a thumbs up. Though, I might as well inform you that, we'll be getting an addon based on my scale guide (which includes the gamepedia heights since I've been editing a lot of those.) Should take a look at the note of the "lore" heights as well, as many of them come from a non-Blizzard company, aka, they're.. not actually canon. So, many of the game model heights are thus more accurate. In cases such as pandaren, goblins, human females, et cetera.
  12. I was told bathrobes r very fashionable So yeah
  13. Personally, I'd go for the website as well. But.. I've been told that what's coming, will possibly get me to think otherwise. We'll see in due time. If that is not the case, a website addition might/should pop up at some point for people who'd prefer that.
  14. Helo, welcome. Pls stop stalking the sun, it's bad for your health
  15. I do myself see the good in having .tele add accessible to everyone, as some pointed out, flat lands, large oceans and so on. So personally, I wouldn't mind seeing this as a feature, and if someone actually does find a .tele that is just there to mess with people, said .teles can always be reported, and have a GM delete the .tele. I'd be up for doing this myself. But, I've no idea when/if it will be made accessible for the public to use, considering current, ongoing priorities and such.
  16. Ayy draw me like one of your French femboys. That out of the way, welcome to the Pepsilon forums.
  17. Welcome to the Pepsilon forums. Cool to see more devs! Hope you enjoy your time here.
  18. War-God Matt

    music loop

    Bring out your stopwatches, bois. Nah, I see how this would come in handy, especially if you do know the length of the music playing.
  19. @Lucas It won't, you have literally no access to a single command needed for the addon to work.
  20. Name Matt Age 19 Interests Gaming | Level Design | Environmental Artistry | Being bad at life™ Role Game Master: I moderate, to my best extent. Help people as much as I can. May it be on the forums, in-game or on our Discord. Bio I'm Matt, I don't really have a lot to say about myself. But here's a shot at it anyway: I like to an extent all races in WoW, and generally have no issue playing any of them, though my favourite, dating back as far as Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness is by far, Trolls. Proud trole fanboy for almost 17 tears years (I played my first Wc2 campaign in 2000). I was born late in the year and I blame my brother for getting me into gaming at that age. Other than that, I made a "How to Scale" guide, which you can find here on the forums. For some reason, I one day got obsessed with heights, and because of that obsession, through trial and error, I figured out how to accurately scale your character in World of Warcraft. I remember back when I used female dwarves as a way of measuring a model.... yes those times were rough. I've come a long way since then, and have more or less perfected it. Oh and, I love math. Math is great, math is fun. No this does not mean I am good at math.
  21. Yeah, if there's no terrain present, .m2s fuck up in the "void". And as you've seen, lose their collision.