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  1. I admire the bravery you’ve shown by posting this discussion. And, like the others, I’m baffled some overzealous moderator hasn’t deleted it already. But, aside from that, the problems you’ve listed are indeed troubling. Chief among them, I’d say, is the lack of communication from the Staff, and sometimes, when they do communicate, how they do it. For example, you pointed to the lack of information on the development of Shadowlands. So far, we’ve received nothing but vague notions that it will happen. No ETAs, which, I imagine, a Developer or Moderator would say is because they can’t promise anything. But that’s ok. We don’t need promises. We’ve had plenty of those from Azarchius, who has claimed Shadowlands would release before certain time marks, like the end of 2023. Mind you, none of these posts were made in announcements, and all of them have proved hollow and were probably just lies used to lull people into a false sense of hope so that they’d quit asking questions. Alternatively, the staff could give an estimated date of when they’d like to get the expansion out, but emphasizing that it isn’t a sure thing. If they run into trouble along the way and can’t make their original estimated release date, they can tell the community about it so they know there is a delay. I think the Epsilon Staff would be amazed by how understanding people can be if you just keep them informed. But alas, such drastic reforms are unlikely to happen, and because of that, trust in the staff will continue to deteriorate, if there is even any trust left at all.
  2. Do wish we could get those fel recolors for male belfs too.
  3. Sadly, Khargrim has kinda disappeared from Epsilon and everywhere else in general. I've not heard from him in about eight months.
  4. I have also received this error on everything but grunts1
  5. Granted, but they'll never be as good as Khadgar's Robes. I wish we'd get Shadowlands Downports already.
  6. Really hope this patch will be made compatible with the current server.
  7. So the idea is basically a sort of copy of what was done to the Draenei and Dwarves, giving an option to buff out the Troll Model in order to give it a Forest / Ice Troll look that is HD and not as horrendous as the look of the really really really old models that Blizzard made.
  8. Does this patch still work?
  9. Alec

    Kori's Lil' Kompendium

    Does this patch even still work? Because when I try and download any part of it, Mega just sits in loading screen and never passes that where as other patches I can download fine.
  10. Alec

    Missing Gear

    I'll see what I can do.
  11. Alec

    Missing Gear

    Hello, yes I am another Kul Tiran lover but who isn't these days am I right? Anyways, I think a nice idea for a patch would be to add the loads of missing Kul Tiran gear that isn't in the game at the moment. If we were close to finishing updating to the full fledged BFA then I probably wouldn't recommend this but to my knowledge we aren't.