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  1. Is this patch gonna be updated to 8.3?
  2. So the idea is basically a sort of copy of what was done to the Draenei and Dwarves, giving an option to buff out the Troll Model in order to give it a Forest / Ice Troll look that is HD and not as horrendous as the look of the really really really old models that Blizzard made.
  3. Does this patch still work?
  4. Alec

    Kori's Lil' Kompendium

    Does this patch even still work? Because when I try and download any part of it, Mega just sits in loading screen and never passes that where as other patches I can download fine.
  5. Alec

    Missing Gear

    I'll see what I can do.
  6. Alec

    Missing Gear

    Hello, yes I am another Kul Tiran lover but who isn't these days am I right? Anyways, I think a nice idea for a patch would be to add the loads of missing Kul Tiran gear that isn't in the game at the moment. If we were close to finishing updating to the full fledged BFA then I probably wouldn't recommend this but to my knowledge we aren't.