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  1. These are some nice ideas.
  2. Gardener

    HD goblin models

    Downported, will be in for 735.5.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, have made it a task.
  4. Have been looking into this, and deleted characters are handled with adding/promoting members and how they show up in phase show member, officer etc, Haven't extended this to blacklisting, will be sure to check it out. Deleted characters still have their original name set, though it's stored in the deletedInfos_Name column in the database, will have to see how this command operates and uses this information, and perhaps change the way it works.
  5. Hello, Happy holidays, this is a small collection of some patch-related things I've done over the past 2-3 months. Most of them are model ports from the World of Warcraft 8.3 PTR as a result of experimenting with ways to modify the models. Installation 1. Open .zip archive and navigate to XmasGoodies folder. 2. Highlight the following folders: Character, creature, item, world. 3. Drag and drop into main Epsilon directory. Contains the following 8.3 ports character\human male and female eternal vestments for human males: [MogIt:957J;lEKE;CrkH;u32C;pQTC;4QcO;4Sav:10:0] character\nightelf male and female Aetherserpent mount replaces world\goober\g_eggspider.m2 displayID 23058 anniversary deathwing mount replaces creature\saber3mount\Saber3Mount.m2 displayID 90159 sylveriandreamer mount replaces creature\arcanevoidwraith\arcanevoidwraith_low.m2 displayID 70234 stormdragonvoid mount replaces world\expansion06\doodads\artifact\doodad_staff_2h_artifactheartofkure_d_05.m2 displayID 71441 vulpera mount replaces world\expansion07\doodads\animation\8anim_template_wheelbarrowmedium01.m2 78470 vulpera heritage collection: [MogIt:lE5N;yeR4;hssI;pQzp;4Rld:j0:0] lich thing replaces world\goober\ghosttrap.m2 displayID 57011 Known issues: Eyeglow on night elf doesn't show up in-game. Solution: mod native then demorph. Eyeglow on night elf doesn't show up in character creation. Solution: swap between DK class and any other class, and eyeglow should display correctly. Nightborne fingers glitch out when holding weapon. Fixed. Download
  6. Added new addon: ignore. Players on your ignore list do not have their messages show up in announce, phase announce, event etc.
  7. Hey there, You can search for various skyboxes with the .lookup skybox command. When I entered your phase, all I could see was darkness, so I've set your phase time to 13:00 and the skybox to 2248 Outland - Eversong - Falconwing Square. You can do the same in the future with the .phase skybox What I used in this instance was: .phase skybox default 2248 For some skyboxes, you need to relog to see any changes.
  8. We're aware of this issue, there is a workaround for it at the moment where if you use the following: .phase forge npc display 418 418 418 418 It should give the NPC a proper display, albeit limited to the one displayID.
  9. Gardener

    Undead Models

    Fixed, will be in next CDN update.
  10. Thanks for the report, the issue has been resolved on developmental clients now. It was caused by incorrect logic in a new function whenever the client selected Demon Hunter as a class.
  11. A client side patch for BfA sounds/music is more than entirely possible, and is almost like down-porting icons. If you mean including music so you can play them with the relevant .phase command, then there are alternative workarounds for that.
  12. Screenshot error message please. If it takes a while, and Epsilon screen grays out, wait it out, it will produce an error after a short while.
  13. The following don't appear in-game when trying to morph into them. creature/skeletaldiretroll displayID 79591 creature/armouredtrex displayID 78169 However, they do appear once they have had their relevant files placed in their creature/creaturename firectory. e.g. Placing creature/skeletaldiretroll .m2 .skin .blp files where they should be makes them work. Maybe not on CDN? Following zip contains folders and files that get them showing up in-game http://gardening.media/files/files/missingCreatures231019.zip
  14. Gardener

    Undead Models

    @Azarchius A few other creature displays have this/similar issues with messed up appearances. creature/drustvarhag/drustvarhag.m2 creature/drustvarbeastman/drustvarbeastman.m2 creature/ladywaycrest/ladywaycrest.m2
  15. Possible issue with it using tauren male .skel @Azarchius
  16. Considering the server runs crash-free most of the time, with some of Epsilon's uptime making it to around 4-5 days a regular restart would be good to have to resolve any latency issues that might have happened, as well as to refresh some of the current issues saving npc emotes, gobject teleports etc. Having a Discord channel that the bot posts to whenever it 'Disconnects' / 'Reconnects' is also a nice idea, so people can check whether or not the server has crashed/restarted in any given amount of time.
  17. The next reset will be when the server next crashes, so when that happens your phase will be ready for you.
  18. We're not sure exactly what NPC/emote was causing you to crash in your phase. If you encounter this issue again, be sure to let us know.
  19. Alright, looks like an NPC/spell is causing issues. We'll clear the problem spells and report back when this issue has been resolved.
  20. Welcome to Epsilon. Telstra sounds familiar.
  21. command to display current skybox info or display it in .phase info command?