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  1. GobSel Small AddOn that lets you select game-objects the old way. If you're not used to the new syntax of selecting objects requiring you to pad your select term in quotes, then hopefully this will help. Installation Extract GobSel folder to the following directory: Epsilon\interface\Addons Usage Active whenever using the .gobject select command in-game. Download will pretty the post up later. Contact me on Discord Gardener#9456 or in-game if you encounter any troubles.
  2. Rearranging menus and all that can work, but switching between hairstyles etc will have to be done whilst you have a phase forged NPC selected. added to my to do list.
  3. For Epsilon, For the benefit of consolidating all technical support posts and questions into one place, we have created this technical support Megathread. As and when more technical queries are resolved, we will update the original post with solutions that you may try. Please see the Epsilon Connection guide HERE. Current Issues With Account Registration Currently there is an issue preventing our confirmation e-mails being sent to various mail providers. If you are newly registered and have not received an email, please get in touch with the support team on Discord and be sure to take note of the username you registered with for manual activation. 1. 7.3.5 Folder Structure Your first point of call with any technical issue is to ensure that your folder structure is correct and that you are not missing any required files. Please see below. Avoid putting your EpsilonWoW directory on your Desktop. Use Program Files or Program Files x86. Main Epsilon Directory DBFilesClient Folder PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR DBFILESCLIENT FOLDER ONLY CONTAINS ITEMS.DB2 AND ITEMSPARSE.DB2 (All of these can be obtained from the Discord or from the Connection Guide) Item.db2 ItemSparse.db2 2. ERROR #132 (& #134) (0x) Fatal exception! Ensure that drivers are up to date (This includes graphics, motherboard, and windows update. If you are unsure about what hardware you are using, download Speccy to find out: https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy/download Ensure that Xbox DVR is disabled (This applies to Windows 10 only): https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/92046 Temporarily disable any anti-virus (Avast is known to cause issues) Remove all patch-related folders from main Epsilon directory such as: Character, creature, item, world, etc. Verify that you ONLY have the following .db2 files within your DBFilesClient folder: item.db2 and itemsparse.db2 - remove any others e.g. CHRRACES.db2, CreatureDisplayInfo.db2 You can attempt to diagnose fatal errors by checking the latest .txt files produced inside your "Errors" folder within your Epsilon directory. 3. "Connecting..." and then "You've been disconnected." Go into your WTF folder, open your config.wtf file in a notepad editor of your choice and ensure that it says the following: SET portal "play.epsilonwow.net" SET textLocale "enUS" SET audioLocale "enUS" 4. "Invalid Signature" error for Table CharSelections Much the same as #2, this is caused by the presence of custom content in folders. Ensure that custom content is removed, and ensure that you have the correct item.db2 and itemsparse.db2 from connection guide. 5. Random Crashes, client not opening, and black screens on launch Make sure that your EpsilonWoW folder is in a location such as C:\Games\Epsilon, Program Files or Program Files x86. Do not put it on your Desktop or in your Documents folder - especially the TinyClient. 6. TinyClient is not opening, but is showing in process list The TinyClient does take some time to open depending on your internet speed and computer. You can verify that the process is collecting the data that it needs by opening task manager, going to processes, and ensuring that "World of Warcraft" is using CPU and Network. 7. TotalRP3 is not working A lot of people are reporting that different versions are working. So far we've seen a 100% success rate with using version, located here 7.a Unable to Save TRP profiles/game settings Uncheck read-only for your EpsilonWoW directory. Failing that, take ownership of your wow directory by following a guide here. 8. "kljdfkljdfkljdfkljdfkljdfkljdf" is spammed in your chatbox You're using the 8.0.1 version of UnlimitedChatMessage. Downgrade to the 7.3.0 version. It can be downloaded here 9. "CAS system was unable to initialize" This error is usually caused by insufficient read/write permissions. To resolve this, you first want to make sure that your Epsilon folder is in your Program Files x86 or Program Files folder. Should that not solve the issue, then you can attempt to take ownership of the EpsilonWoW folder to force these permissions. See the full guide here, or the short guide here for instructions on how to do that. If the error contains a bunch of :404's, ensure there is no .build.info file located in your main Epsilon directory. If you continue to get these kinds of errors, despite the above fixes, contact members of staff in the support channel in the Epsilon Discord. 10. Threading Issues This issue is due to over-active Antivirus software blocking the Epsilon executable. Disable your antivirus temporarily prior to extracting it, then make an exception for your EpsilonWoW directory as well as the EpsilonWoW executable prior to launching it. 10.a Epsilon executable vanishes after running it Similar to the issue above, it is caused by antivirus software. Temporarily disable your antivirus before extracting the EpsilonStarter Client, and make an exception for your Epsilon directory and executable. Feel free to post any technical questions or resolutions below! For further help, be sure to check out the #support channel in the Epsilon Discord. Big thank you to @Ross, the original author of this guide.
  4. Delete data/config data/indices and try launching again. If you have a .build.info file located inside your main epsilon directory, remove it.
  5. Hey there, make sure you DO NOT have a map.db2 file in your DBFilesClient directory. Keeping the client on the log-in screen will not download the entire client for you, as once all the required assets are downloaded at that point, you'll need to log in and play, and the client will download everything it needs as it goes along. For the following error: Delete cache and try logging into the same character again, otherwise, summon them out and avoid it for the time being. The last CAS error is likely due to some faulty windows permissions. Make sure EpsilonWoW isn't set to READ ONLY in folder properties, failing that, you'll should try to take ownership of the folder by doing the following: ``` • Go to start and type CMD, right click the command prompt application and choose to run as administrator • In the command prompt window type the following command: attrib -r "Path\To\Epsilon\Folder\Data\*" /s • Where it says Path\To\Epsilon\Folder, change that to the directory path. E.g. attrib -r "C:\Games\EpsilonRP\Data\*" /s • The Command Prompt window should return no message • Close CMD and run EpsilonWoW.exe as administrator ```
  6. The tool for adding custom items etc to the CDN doesn't exist yet, so until then all current patches will replace existing items. It's up to the end-user to decide what they wish to download and install.
  7. No worries, glad this has been resolved.
  8. No worries, I had a bit of time to think about more potential issues which you can test out the next time you install Epsilon. If you download some form of hardware monitor, check to see if your PC case fans are being utilized when trying to cool and provide adequate ventilation for your computer. From what you've said regarding heat sink, it is worth checking to see if you need to reapply some. Hopefully you find a solution to this that can have you back in-game.
  9. Hello, here are a few hardware-related things to consider. • How old is your machine? • When was the last time you updated your drivers? • How frequently do you apply heat sink paste to your CPU etc? • Is there much dust blocking your computer's ventilation? Few things to check in-game/with your Epsilon install, • Lowering graphics settings. • Try launching with a freshly downloaded client. • Close all other programs and launch Epsilon.
  10. Could be accomplished relatively easy with an AddOn. Should the phase history be limited to specific characters on said account, or available on all characters?
  11. Updated addon and forum thread with various bugfixes and BfA music.
  12. Here is a collection of work that has accumulated throughout my time here at Epsilon. AddOns GLink - [Forum Thread] - [Download] Adds useful hyperlinks to the chat. MogIt - [Forum Thread] - [Download] The modified version of MogIt, tailored for Epsilon. CT2 - [Download] Colour Text 2, enables you to write messages in colour - useful for linking things to other players. Copying coloured text is as easy as trying to link an item in-game. NewChar - [Forum Thread] - [Download] Automatically cleans action bars, gear and bags from newly created characters. Includes commands to make doing this easier for when you need to quickly remove things. MattScale - [Forum Thread] - [Download] Based off of Matt's How to Scale guide. Input a desired height and get the in-game scale of what you want to set your character's height to. Use /hts in-game to get started. AutoCommand - [Forum Thread] - [Download] Executes commands automatically. PJDJ- [Forum Thread] - [Download] Cross-client music player. rossTest - [Download] Allows you to press space bar 3 times in quick succession to toggle cheat fly on or off. Couldn't think of a name. If you encounter any issues with these, be sure to submit a bug report below, or contact me on Discord: Gardener#8000
  13. Macros Tile/Building macros X is forwards and backward movement. Y is upwards and downward movement. Where it says CHANGEME, change the value to suit your needs from flat to angle: outputs x and y coordinates relevant to input angle and distance. should be fixed /run a = 10; d = 4; h = 2*cos((90-a)/2)*sqrt((d/2)^2*2); x = (d*0.5)*cos(a)+(d%h/2); local y = (d*0.5)*sin(a); print(a,d,h,"\nX:",x,"Y:",y); From angle to angle /run distance = CHANGEME; angle = CHANGEME; x = distance*cos(angle); y = distance*sin(angle); print("Distance",distance,"Angle",angle,"X = ",x,"Y = ",y) Misc Unequip Gear /run for i = 1,19 do PickupInventoryItem(i); PutItemInBackpack(); end; Empty bags /run for bag=0,4 do for slot=1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag) do PickupContainerItem(bag,slot); DeleteCursorItem(); end end Clean Bars, Cheers @Litzzik /run for i = 1,120 do PickupAction(i); ClearCursor(); end
  14. NewChar Source: https://github.com/iplantplants/NewChar Last Updated: 15/09/2019 Current Release Version 0.1.5 Features • Automatically cleans action bars, bags and gear from newly created characters. • Commands added to make life easier when emptying bags, action bars and equipment. Bug Fixes • Fixed issue where old characters were seen as new. • Changed clash command from /nc clean to /clean Installation • Extract NewChar folder from NewChar.zip to your EpsilonWoW\interface\addons directory. Usage /nc help - will display all available commands in-game. /nc clear bags/gear/bars - clears those, respectively. Changelog Download
  15. Turn it into an addon that checks if the character is brand new. If it is, cleans action bars. Will have a look at it.
  16. Graydon


    09/08/2019 Updated GLink release containing fixes and additions from July and August.
  17. Odd. Good to know you've managed to resolve this.
  18. Are you able to contact us in Epsilon's #support channel on Discord? It may get some swifter replies from us in the tech support role and if that isn't feasible, then can you open up the following file in notepad? Navigate to your EpsilonWoW/WTF folder then open your config.wtf file in notepad. Make sure the line that says SET PORTAL is: SET portal "play.epsilonwow.net"
  19. Has your account been approved yet? If you have any firewall/antivirus installed, ensure there is an exception made for the EpsilonWoW executable.
  20. Looks like this got resolved on Discord.
  21. Welcome to Epsilon. The days of lining up for roles in a Kingdom RP are long gone. 🙂
  22. Welcome to Epsilon! If you ever encounter any technical issues you need help with, or just need a hand with something, you're more than welcome to check in with the #support channel on the Epsilon Discord.
  23. MoP and expansions below don't use the xpac number to prefix the zones. e.g. MoP uses abbreviations KLS_ kunlai summit V4W_ - valley of the 4 winds Cataclysm and below use zone names and the like. twilightshammer_ icecrown_ grizzlyhills_ nagrand_ hope this helps
  24. It produces a hyperlink in chat that MogIt can use to quickly dress up an npc. Works similarly to how linking a mogit outfit does. here it is in action