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  2. Ever get bored of some of the tracks played in WoW? Want to stop hearing them, but want to hear something more satisfying? Well, this is for you! Originally, I was only going to share this for those that are in my ongoing project, Age of Exile. HOWEVER, that would just be very rude of me. I don't really have other notes or dialogue of mine to share let's just do the thing this is. https://mega.nz/file/LLBXhYBB#qtpwHDjMTRz43zlKVecHjY2m_K-C6qI2DdjT830QSYc Download. Note: This is still a work in progress. I may add more tracks in the future.
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  4. We are currently hard at work accomodating Russian and Spanish localizations of Epsilon. We already have translated DB2s so that localized clients work on Epsilon. If a German community develops, please don't hesitate to agree on a representative so that we can make the community feel right at home. Welcome!
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  6. Thank you for the report. However, this will be fixed with the 8.3.0 update so there is currently no reason for us to diverge development time to fix this issue on 7.3.5. I'm afraid it'll have to wait a bit but it will be fixed.
  7. Updated with the Patch 8.2.0 model changes for gnomes and tauren and the Patch 8.2.5 model updates for goblins and worgen. All changes included in a changelog. Not sure how I missed this but, I don't ever recall enforcing or trying to force anyone to scale. All I've ever done is inform people of the accurate scale for whatever height they may have set for their character, and I generally do so through whispers. If they then wish to use—or not use—said scale is entirely up to them. Unless you meant that in general for people that have tried to enforce it, in which case, that's silly of them.
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  9. • Type of Bug: Item bug • Description: The Forsaken Warfronts plate armour doesn't appear correctly on human females. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): Broken on Epsi but it Works correctly on RPH • Steps to reproduce: Equip item 5176479 on a human female. It's the same with all recolours and similar items though, including just the boots and gloves. • Expected result: The gear to look normal. • Observed result: Geosets not attached to body. • Reproduction rate: Seems to happen for everyone, with or without patches. • Additional information: I believe it's a broken downport. I spoke to Raz about it a little in start.
  10. I created Thelssa's own phase but got a little overboard. Idk, does it look overboard?
  11. Too bad the game doesn't consider them guns, so you can't even use the aiming anim with them (nor the spell that sizes them down into 1h guns)
  12. Formations are on the agenda which will do .npc follow on a particular NPC. They will intuitively support "follow from this distance & angle". Not certain about the player behaviour though, usually NPCs following them follow the static pet values for distance & angle.
  13. Is it possible to create a system where NPC Follow can be applied to the guid of another NPC rather than the player? And on top of that have multiple things following them (or the player) without them idling at the same spot when standing still? This is already possible on retail with certain kinds of things such as during certain quests with NPCs.
  14. fixed: My Fault in this case: I tryed to set only the Phase per command. I thought the Objeckt would take over the Startpoint of the "target-phase" thats not the case. For all who got the same Problem: First set the destination of the Port .gob tele add [GUID] and then set the Phase of a friend .gob tele setphase. probs to Asides who helped me out 👍
  15. Greetings 😊 I tried to build a kind of hub with portals to other players phases. The Teleporters in my phase work properly, but i can not "connect" the portals in my phase to my priends phases. When i use the command .gob tele setphase [Firend-Phase-ID] it seems to use just my phase ID instead of the one tiped in. I tried this while I´m member in my friends phase and as a promoted member. The owner of the "target-phase" tried the same command aswell. Nothing works by know. I found an old thread on this problem, but no solution so far. Hope i didn´t oversee some other obvious Thread that says: "Dude, this Command ist not working right now." 😅
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  17. Gardener

    Well Hi!

    Hello and welcome to Epsilon! If you haven't already seen it, the command guide will help you acquaint yourself with our commands. If you have any questions or need some support you'll likely find someone in our #game support and #tech support channels happy and willing to assist you in whatever capacity they can.
  18. Hammeta

    Well Hi!

    Hey Guys! I'm Hammeta, people call me Hammy. I've been on roleplaying servers for nearly twelve years. And I'm looking for a new home! I've been messing around in this server for a few hours now. I'd love to meet some awesome people to RP with. ❤️ Can't wait! 😄
  19. ward

    Shadowlands Weapons

    GOOD LAD i'm hoping lots of ppl use this so we can all enjoy it in public rps
  20. Hey, there. This patch adds in pretty much all of the Shadowlands weapons we've seen so far through datamining-- with a few exceptions, as there's only a finite amount of replaceable weapons in the game. Everything from hammers (even Bolvar's) to swords to staves to those sweet, sweet harps are in this patch. To install the patch, simply download the patch, and extract the Item folder inside into your root WoW folder (where the .exe is and all that jazz). If there's any weapons you think should be added to the patch, don't hesitate to PM me. If you come across any bugs or glitches with the weapons, please inform me! Provide an explanation and a picture and I'll address it ASAP. Download (item names are in the galleries below) Shadowlands Weapons - Swords Shadowlands Weapons - Fist Weapons Shadowlands Weapons - Staves Shadowlands Weapons - Polearms Shadowlands Weapons - Daggers Shadowlands Weapons - Ranged Shadowlands Weapons - Maces Shadowlands Weapons - Shields Shadowlands Weapons - Axes Shadowlands Weapons - Miscellaneous
  21. Can't help but notice ".gob group" isnt on there.
  22. Eclipse

    Mom's Refrigerator

    I love you Mom. ❤️ The stars align; Elune be with you.
  23. I didn't leave much of a mark when I was here the first time around, but I figured I should say hello again. Been away from WoW RP for about 10 months now and off of WoW in general for about 6 months. I've been putting my RP energy towards D&D and having a lot of fun with that. Got pulled back in here by some friends so I figure I'll be trying out the waters again. I see myself mostly playing Orcs and unusual halfbreed races as I have before. Catch me in the mall on Durff as I load my TinyClient!
  24. Grüezi mitenand! One of the mentioned friends here, using the opportunity to report in aswell. Well, I guess we happened to show the project to eachother back then, but still! While I'm kinda bad in regard to forum activity, I'm still thrilled about taking a look around here. I do have a few years of German roleplay experience aswell, and perhaps a few months in English roleplaying. Feels like there are a lot less limitations and restrictions here than what I am used to, which sure feels motivating. Cheers! Stephanie/Faesha
  25. Howdy! I am a rather experienced German roleplayer with about 8 years of experience, but I have never actively roleplayed in a different language. Safe to say I feel rather confident though because I feel save with the language from a decade of excessive internet overuse. The state of the German World of Warcraft RP community is really dire at the moment. Playing on official server plain sucks and all the private projects are rather lackluster in many ways. This server with it's unique and different approach is very promising and I intend to withdraw from German RP completely if Epsilon is as great as it seems. In fact I showed many of my friends this project and those that are English-speaking are rather intrigued by the idea of joining in. Very happy I found this project. More people, more freedom, more everything it seems. Looking forward to making new friends, cheers, Kerebrien
  26. Amazing! Thank you! Can't wait to try it!
  27. Hello, so this is just a small patch that adds the following 3 hairstyles as shown from the shadowlands alpha. Eventually I will get round to doing the males and adding the other female hairs but for now, you can enjoy this 🙂 You will notice that with the first one, I had to cut off the original ponytail and replace it with a pre-existing one due to the hair not being properly rigged at the moment. https://mega.nz/folder/KAgB3QzC#IlPVN60B2_tDnGUUalI4Ig
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